1. Shaker style workbench #8

    I have been busy at work and my stupid nerve have slowed work down a bit but I have managed to get the ends of the skirt installed and the vices installed.
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    I got the wedges cut and decided to sand the points in instead of trying to cut them as i was having trouble getting them consistent.
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    I painted these vices as I did not like the green that ...
  2. Shaker style workbench #7

    Managed to get some more work done yesterday, it has been a slow go due to a sciatic nerve issue, to say it is a pain in the butt is an understatement!
    Anyway, on to the wood work I managed to get the three sections of the top glued together. I had to rout out sections for the vices that I will be using as the bottom of the skirt did not hang down low enough to catch all of what will be the jaw. once that was done I got the Walnut skirt glued on.
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  3. Shaker style workbench #6

    I fianlly made some progress, I took a week off work to play in the shop.
    I got all the wood for the top and leggs jointed and plained figured out which peice should go where and started to glue.
    I did have some distractions I picked up a Jos Cote Band saw that I am also restoring and a Canadian Drill press that will get restored at some point, hopefully in the near future.

    Here is part of the top slab being glued. I wish I had more clamps I had bought the ends but my colleague ...
  4. Shaker style workbench #5

    My Stupidity may be a blessing in disguise!
    In getting my joiner up and running I noticed what I hastily thought was a 20 amp plug as the motor only draws 14amps start-up I thought I would just change the plug to a 15 amp as I don't have any 20 amp outlets in my shop good to go right? NOT!
    I found that the joiner was running at what I thought was a slower speed than it should but hey its 60-ish years old maybe they ran slower back then the motor rpm's were right and the pulleys were ...
  5. Shaker style workbench #4

    Spent yesterday jointing, I have realized that I am really out of shape I'm beat.
    I took a look at by Beaver 3800 6" and decided that the table was too short So I built some extensions. I built torsion boxes for the top with another smaller one underneath for added strength, I attached these to the table using the 3 existing 5/16 bolt holes for the beaver extensions. Name:  jointer 2.jpg
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    I was going to add legs to keep it from flexing but ...
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