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So the idea is to have my very first blog related primarily to what is going on in the shop. Since I find it hard for me to get into the shop, it is either going to be the shortest lived or most sporaidic blog in history, or actually get me into the shop more often than I may otherwise to avoid embarassment. Wish me luck!

NOTE: I know nothing about blogging, and actually have only tripped over other blogs on the internet rarely, so bear with me folks.

  1. MFT Vertical Stock/Board Support Holder.

    I had mentioned in my previous blog entry showing how I secure my 1080 MFT to my assembly table that I wanted to build something that would hold my vertical stock to my 1080 MFT. This is what I came up with.

    Name:  MFT Sheet Holder 001.JPE
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  2. Securing my Festool MFT 1080 to my Work/Assembly/Sysport type table.


    I've built a work/storage table on wheels where I also wanted to keep my Festool MFT 1080 on top of which also doubles as an infeed table fo my table saw. The problem was that I wanted the table to be large enough to be used as an assembly table which in my opinion required a significantly larger surface than that of the MFT, but also wanted to be able to solidly secure the MFT to the tabletop for doing MFT related work without the MFT sliding around all over the place.

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  3. Jessem Router Table Base Modification

    This was my Jessem Router Table setup....

    Name:  Router Table Base Cabinet Pics 022.JPE
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    It had a board at the bottom as you see, and it was just a general mess with odds and ends pilled in there. Long overdue for something more efficient. And yes, the entire base frame is off the ground, as the whole table is held with 2X6 wooden angled brackets I made that are fastened to the wall. I did this to raise the working height of the table, and also to have access to the area directly below ...

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  4. Pegboard a la DOMINO

    I was wanting to have a slew of items at easy reach for a long time and have finally got around to dealing with this issue and at the same time having some unusual fun discovering more uses for my Domino which I've come to find is probably my favourite go-to shop tool.

    Name:  Peg Board a la DOMINO 001.JPE
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    Had this blank canvas that I wanted originally a few years ago to have some ability to deal with putting clipboards and immediate shop items that were constantly needed. I ...

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  5. Mobile Hand Tools Cart

    Been wanting to tidy up and make a better cart for my hand tools bucket I've been using for years.

    I had bought in the early years shortly after moving into my house a Bucket Buddy to hold my hand tools. It's like an apron that fits over a 5 gallon pail that has all sorts of pockets that you can put your tools in. At first it was a temp solution, but it did not take long to favour it over traditional tool boxes. Like everything is in view, and easy to get at. What's there not to like? ...

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