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  1. Paying for alcohol increasing at dining places

    Alcohol is a devil to some, but is something individuals have been enjoying for millennia. Americans are spending more on it in restaurants and bars recently, though. However, it has absolutely nothing to do with increased usage, but rather with higher costs.

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    A large markup

    According to a recent post on NPR, part of its “What America Spends On” series, Americans are gradually increasing the amount spent ...
  2. craftmaster shaper for sale

    1/2 hp 115v shaper for sale. Words good. Want $50.00. No cutters included. E-mail or phone mike 416 565-6148. I live in Ajax. On kijiji now but rather sell to collector.
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  3. Looking for a quality jointer

    I would like to buy a General 8 inch jointer model 480. If I can't find this one I would also be interested in a 6 inch as long as it is Canadian made. I know these are not easy to find so I may have to buy anther brand. Can anyone recommend another brand and model that is of the same quality?
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  4. 3 - 34-450's being scrapped and parts sold

    Hi Everyone

    FYI. A recent stroll on Kijiji uncovered 2 - 34-450's for sale. Refurbed, looking good, and the 3rd one is in the garage as is, e.i. original, with Jetlock, both wings and front door cover. Apparently untouched from new. So if anyone is interested check them out. I believe there was a General 350 there as well.

  5. Comparision of Tapes - What's best application program magnetic tape?

    Scotch malt whisky Multi-wont Duct Record "For repairs in and around the house." $10 for 60 yd + Sturdiness: We were able-bodied to quite a little 45 pounds of dumbbells on a length of tape in front it stony-broke. + Stickiness: Held a roll up of Little Joe 12-standard of measurement Romex electric wires against a rampart for a broad hebdomad. + Body of water Resistance: Water slimly unsnarled the tape's handgrip on PVC and bull pipe, but it stuck good where it was wrapped round itself. ...
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