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  1. Rockwell Beaver 48 600 pork chop

    I have recently acquired a Rockwell Beaver 48 600 jointer and it needs a Porkchop does anybody have a plan or advice on how I can build one thank you
  2. Oregon and worm

    I have recently acquired 9 lengths of Oregon timber they are about 5 meters long, long ago I would say they were 12in X 3in beams and some years ago were cut into 4in pieces so are now 4in X 3in, more of the story is, 6 of the pieces are rough sawn grey and dirty on 3 sides that is one 3in side and two 4in sides the other 3in side is Oregon color but has darkened since it was cut, there are 3 pieces two 4in sides are rough sawn grey and dirty and the two 3in sides are Oregon color and looks as if ...
  3. How to Save Money when Renovating a Home

    The hardest part about renovating and remodeling a home has got to be staying on budget. You might have a good idea of what the whole project will cost, but it is hard to plan for the unexpected challenges that inevitably pop up along the way. Luckily we have several resources that can help us save money while renovating without the fear of going over budget. Here are a few ways to save money while renovating that not only will help you save, but can likely even keep you under your budget, which ...
  4. Sourcing thin plywood and /or veneer for lamination

    Hi There,
    I am looking for advice on where to buy thin plywood and /or veneer to make a curvy chair made of laminating strips of wood.
    ideally i would like strips of wood, 3 inches wide and 6 to 8 feet long.
    I will probably use a vacuum bag process for lamination, I have the equipment.

    I have not worked with veneer but it seems that veneer is used as a finishing surface and as such using veneer to build the core of the chair would be expensive.
    Is there "low ...
  5. Looking for a TABLE Insert

    I have an old King Canada table saw model KC 10RC needing a table insert. King Canada does not have parts for this saw anymore, and the newer models have a different insert. The supplier of my table saw does not make saws for King anymore.
    Do you know who made these saws for King Canada, or where I can find an insert for this saw. Too good a saw to get rid of.
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