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  1. Lacquer Finishes

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has any techniques for achieving this look?
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  2. Alberta kiln

    Hi I'm looking to see if anyone knows of a place near edmonton where I can get some wood kiln dried. I don't have a lot, I have about 2000 bf of mahogany I would like to get dried.
  3. Needing advice with custom table

    Hi, I am currently working on a bench two bench seat booth with a custom table between at my place and need some advice. I have bought 10 foot lengths of Douglas fure that I have cut in half a glued together. After gluing four together to make my 40 inch wide table I plan to permanently mount it to the wall and floor. The wall at the back of the table is easy but having trouble coming up with how to mount it with a post to get significant support. This will be the area with the most weight being ...
  4. I am in need of Aromatic red cedar cants supplier, can you please help! Thank you!!!

    Dear friends,

    i am Yonnie from China, we are a aromatic red cedar products manufacturer in China with about 20 loads of cedar consumption every year, currently, we are looking for some new supplier of this kind of wood.

    Could you please tell me some reliable suppliers? Many thanks!!

    Just let me know if you need more info of me. Your help will be highly appreciated.

    Good day!

  5. Epoxy on wood not curing evenly

    Hi there,
    I am having trouble with epoxy curing evenly, maybe someone here has had similar experience. Basically, the epoxy is receding in some area while curing. I am using System three clear coat epoxy on jointed planks. The board was sanded to 220 grid. The epoxy was applied with a brush. There was plenty of epoxy all over the board but after curing, parts of the board are almost "dry". it looks like the epoxy has moved away from that area. see pics.
    Could it be oil in ...
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