Grop #20 update...Done drywall

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As you can see we are not finished drywalling goal today is to get enough board on to be able to install the recepticles and get some electrics for the grow lights....of course I am only growing legal spring stuff!

It is taking a long time as most boards have two windows and two recepticles to cut out...and not really good places to measure the cuts far I have not been out far enough that trim would not cover it so I think I am doing pretty good...

Also we got the ceiling fan and variable speed control to put in...I can see that the heaters will really benifit from having it! Thanks for the suggestion to put it in guys!
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Updated 04-23-2012 at 07:10 PM by Chimera

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  1. Bill MacDonald's Avatar
    Looking great Lisa. Amazing how the addition of drywall seems to brighten the place up.
  2. Bill MacDonald's Avatar
    Nice update Lisa. You're on the home stretch now!
  3. Chimera's Avatar
    It seems a lot smaller now for some reason...maybe it's all the junk that needs seems to have taken a long time to get to here...

    I'm pretty sure I have birthed babies in less time...
  4. Lost in the Woods's Avatar
    You go girl!
  5. Donna H's Avatar
    Looking good. Before long, your hubby will be able to file the same complaint as mine. This morning he says "you're always "shop"ing." And I don't leave the driveway!
  6. Chimera's Avatar
    LOL you know it's bad when you decline invitations to go to weddings and such because you would have to actually go shopping to get ready...I suspect people don't still wear plaza pants and moon boots do they???