Electronics Advice - Treadmill died

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Hi folks,I am a new kid on the block.My problem is like a lot of others my CT7.0 horizon treadmill smoked up upon looking at the motor board I see that the rectifer #FFPF30U60ST has BLOW its top .I try to get this rectifer unit but sorry to say no way.If i can get the unit or substitute I will try to repair the motor board, so can any body out there help me.I u need and more information please let me know.
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  1. Slivers's Avatar
    Google a site called FindChips. Type in your part # and see what comes up. If you cannot match it exactly, you should be able to spec it to something similar. If not, call Digi-key and see if they can help you out. Most places in North America will ship very quickly. Good Luck
  2. sunbird's Avatar
    Hi folks,I need some help with my treadmill main control board I replace the rectifer everything work but the motor, I tested the motor it is ok,so back to the board my unit has 3 capacitors what is writting on it is ELCON 105C 560 uf (M) 200WV,could you tell me if it is the same as a 560uf 200v. If you have any question please ask.
  3. Slivers's Avatar
    WV represents the "working voltage" of the capacitor. This is what it would normally run at constantly. V is just voltage but they do represent basically hte same thing. Perhaps different manufacturers. Always best to go higher V rating if you want it to last if you can't find same thing. Do you have any pics of this board? If a cap is bad, the top will expand usually to look more like a dome. If it is flat, chances are it is still good.