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A few months ago I became a member of the Tool Group of Canada, a society devoted to collecting and studying antique tools. Members come from all walks of life, there are lawyers, farmers, professors, electricians, computer geeks, you name it. For some reason not a single plumber was present at the winter meeting...

I ran across Brian Elliot, the president of the Tool Group of Canada last fall at the Tools of the Trades Show in Pickering. A tall friendly guy, he was handing out Yesterday's Tools, the newsletter published by the Tool Group. Brian encouraged visitors to come to the meeting.

The February meeting featured several member presentations, silent auction, tool sales, informal chat and more. Jim Ross shared with other members his rust fighting experience. Jim Packham prepared a very interesting presentation about the history of measures in Canada. Ed Warner brought his collection of pliers, some three dozens of them or more. And then Gord Meinecke showed an extremely intersting and incredibly sharp Chinese chisel. A beautiful tool to look at and certainly an excellent user...

In June members of the Tool Group of Canada will be enjoying a field trip, called in the Tool Group argo "spring outing". As far as I understand, the members usually visit a tool museum or a tool collector somewhere in Ontario. I am certainly looking forward to the next outing.

If you would like to learn more about the Tool Group of Canada or become members visit the Tool Group of Canda website or come to the next meting. Guests can come without obligation.

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