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  • Another Deck Project

    Need a deck built? I'm not your guy! Our deck reached end of life - should've been replaced last year, but I didn't get around to it, so it fell to this year. I built the old deck some 20 -25 years ago with PT framing and western red cedar for the deck surface.

    This time we wanted maintenance free materials and settled on Azek deck boards/fascia, Regal aluminum railing with tempered glass panels, Camo stainless steel deck screws and Cortex face screws with colour co-ordinated plugs. Initially in early summer, I tried to design with sketchup, but I gave up and drew up the design by hand for the building permit. I estimated a week for the build and $5k for the materials. How wrong I can be!

    The project started the weekend of Sep 9 & 10 with demolition on Saturday the bones of the substructure on Sunday. 4 1/2 weeks later, and it's still not complete. And the bill is going to be about 3X my estimate.

    Glass panels are on order, as well as the Regal posts for the staircase. I have fascia to install and then it's wiring for the LED light strips embedded in the railing (above the glass panels).

    This deck will outlive us and will be the last deck I ever build.
    Old Deck Basic Deck substructure staircase framing Project as it stands today Another view of deck today
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    Re: Another Deck Project

    That is nice.
    The South Shore, Nova Scotia


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      Re: Another Deck Project

      That regal system is nice. Installed that for a client on her front porch. Looks great everyone is impressed with how the lights look. You will be very happy. The curcuit is very easy to do and it has a wireless remote. Just plug the transformer in and your away to the races.