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New Basement Walls around Furnace

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  • New Basement Walls around Furnace

    I want to build some walls around our gas furnace and water heater to separate them from the reminder of the basement to improve the appearance and usability of the space. The appliances are located under the stairs and moving them is not an option that makes sense to either me or furnace mechanics that have seen the setup. At the present time there is carpet and heavy underpad on the basement floor and the questions is: Do I simply build the new walls on top of the carpet or do I remove the carpet under the walls and place the new walls on the concrete. I would like to keep the carpet around the furnace/water heater inside the room. I also intend to have doors on both the back and front of the furnace to facilitate service and replacement when this is necessary. While the furnace has outside air, will also make sure there is adequate air into the enclosure the ensure the hot water tank has adequate air supply.

    Any advice on whether I need to remove the carpet under the walls?
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    Re: New Basement Walls around Furnace

    I would lay out my wall plates on top of the carpet and then cut the carpet out under the plates. I would not have carpet anywhere near a furnace or water heater.
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      Re: New Basement Walls around Furnace

      I don't see any advantage to having the carpet under the wall and I can postulate where it might not be good such as mold. Easy to do as Rusty says. Even though your devices are probably zero-clearance I'd rather have them surrounded by bare concrete floor too.