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-18 degree magic by concrete slab

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  • Egon
    Municipalitie waterline leak?

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  • AndrewSmith
    started a topic -18 degree magic by concrete slab

    -18 degree magic by concrete slab

    I noticed all day today that the driveway near the garage is wet. I thought it was strange for -10 degrees, but it was sunny, so who knows.

    Now it's 19:30, -18 degrees celcius, and windy. How is it possible that this water is not frozen?

    DSC05888.JPG-small.jpg It's hard to see in the photo but that's water on the concrete, not ice.

    The garage is unheated and the 1/3 of it that's attached to the house is newly insulated. It's not warm inside, in fact the snow and ice on the car haven't melted for over 24 hours.

    The concrete is years old, it was done curing long ago.

    There is nothing under the garage floor. Sand and crushed rock under 15cm of concrete.

    I also noticed that in the back yard (the other side of the house) the ice rink I made melts more quickly in some spots than others.

    Is it possible that there are some geothermal forces doing this? Leaking gas lines? A nearby portal to hell? Or what!?

    If I sat there without boots for 30 minutes they'd have to cut my feet off at the hospital, that's how cold it is.

    I'm not generally a fan of conspiracy theories or magic, but this is seriously challenging my logic. Please help me understand what's going on! Or volunteer your own joke