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Zinsser Cover Stain as brown paper sealer

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  • Zinsser Cover Stain as brown paper sealer

    I'm painting a bathroom with some water damage/staining to the drywall and some paint has peeled, I decided on using Zinsser Cover Stain. There are some, small (quarter size) areas of torn drywall paper exposing the brown paper. I know something like Zinsser Gardz is specifically meant for sealing this type of problem. I could spot-apply the Gardz, then paint the Cover Stain primer over the whole area.

    My question is, could I instead safely get away with just using Cover Stain? Maybe this is good enough for fixing the torn brown paper, or is that too risky? Maybe someone has actually used Cover Stain over small areas of brown paper and found that it worked well?
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    Re: Zinsser Cover Stain as brown paper sealer

    You could use the Cover Stain but the areas of expose brown paper will require a skim coat of mud prior to the oil-based primer. Oil- based primers will raise and harden up all the paper fibers making ugly spots show up like five o'clock shadows.

    Kilz Max, the water-based forumla would be my choice of primers in this instance.