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Antique Oak Spandrel and Columns

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  • Antique Oak Spandrel and Columns

    As part of a massive renovation (two years and running) of our 150 year old house; we decided to integrate a Victorian Spandrel with a set of reeded columns and panels I had picked up at two different places.

    Our house was quite broken up and there was an interior window between the Dining Room and Living Room.

    I bought some quarter-sawn white oak from Century Mill and my friend Joe basically worked on the framing for the opening along with bleding the finish of the two antique pieces.

    In the meantime, it was quite tricky to get the floor levelling right (our house was as much as 3" out in some areas versus others and different layering of plywood in different rooms added to the adventure. We ended up shimming, as well as jacking the house. I wanted continuous Jatoba flooring to run smoothly from one room to the other.

    We braced an framed the entrance and finally the day came where Joe came down and installed the frame - I was just an extra set of hands for this one.

    Living Room 16-Sep-2019.jpg
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    Re: Antique Oak Spandrel and Columns

    Something about old homes, lots of character and charm.
    Looks real nice.
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      Re: Antique Oak Spandrel and Columns

      Originally, it looked like this...
      Old LR CWW.jpg


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        Re: Antique Oak Spandrel and Columns

        That makes the transformation even more stunning.

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        'touch of the human hand' can transform it into another kind of beauty that is so uniquely human.
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          Re: Antique Oak Spandrel and Columns

          Here's an upstairs bathroom we converted from an old apartment kitchen...
          Bathroom - New.jpg
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            Re: Antique Oak Spandrel and Columns

            Joe made this mission oak vanity... he had a spare 200 hours to complete it... My primary contractor Gerry reworked the room and laid the slate floor. I usually draw this stuff up in CAD, source materials, etc. and help out where i can. I got the quarter-sawn white oak for this one from Hoffmeyer's Mill in Sebringville… it cost a few bucks but it was spectacular. I got a pile of pool table slates (17 of them) for free (free... but I had to move 17 slabs... hmmm free at a cost). I took one of these in to a cutting shop in Mississauga and had the top but to match the floor.
            2nd Floor Bathroom - 3.jpg
            The pic doesn't do it justice. The grain on the end panels is knock-out. I had purchased an antique hall mirror with the hooks. Joe matched the stain beautifully. In this shot, the mirror is standing vertically and will be mounted horizontally, next month.

            BTW -Hoffmeyer's is an absolute treat to go to (near Stratford). The whole place runs on line-shaft... it's like a working museum.
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