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High Build Primer: suggestions/recommendations?

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  • High Build Primer: suggestions/recommendations?

    I am getting a spare bedroom ready to paint, but the walls are in bad shape. The previous owners, who also built the place, put migraine inducing wallpaper on the walls so they were none too careful about how good a taping job or how well the corners were finished. They also primed the walls with what looks to be an oil based primer prior to the first layer of wallpaper.

    I am not going to skim coat the walls as I have evened out the larger irregularities with drywall mud and lots of sanding. I want to hide the brush marks/minor runs/orange peel in the primer and shallow scratches in the original drywall mud, so I am looking for a roller friendly, high build primer that will at least give me a reasonably even base to work on.

    Any recommendations for brands you have successfully used would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: High Build Primer: suggestions/recommendations?

    I saw a video where the guy rolled on thinned drywall mud & then ran a trowel over it to smooth & flatten the surface. I guess in the end it was skim coating, but it looked fairly easy & quick.