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  • Refrigerator advice

    We have a GE Profile Refrigerator that was original with our house (2006) and we've had issues where the refridge side doesn't cool, but the freezer is fine. We've had it repaired once but realize its now doing the same thing a few years later. We have a side-by-side configuration and we are thinking we want to move to french door with the freezer on the bottom. We always hear about how poorly the ice maker and such is on french door type models, so does anyone have a good recommendation for me to take a look at where the ice maker can keep up with demand?

    Needs are:

    - Water dispenser in door
    - Stainless steel finish
    - Good ice maker
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    Re: Refrigerator advice

    We have a french door GE Profile we've had now for about 7-8 years, and the only thing that we're not crazy about is the in-freezer bottom ice maker. It makes a mess overspilling with ice but it does produce ice at a decent pace. But the inner configuration of the fridge is excellent otherwise. Some fridges are much better designed than others.

    Thing is, we probably don't use it as much as others as we have four big bottle water coolers for our cold water needs in the house. Actually, one is in the shed in the backyard which I just plopped a bottle on and started it back up a few days ago for the upcoming season.



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      Re: Refrigerator advice

      I like the French door type.

      Had a piece of junk Samsung, didn't even last a year.

      Then a Fischer Paykel that I liked very much except no ice maker.

      Our new place has a Fridgidaire "Professional" which I
      ​​like. Ice maker works fast, sometimes I'll spill a couple cubes but it really doesn't bother me... I guess ice demand is relative. But I'll flip the cage up myself sometimes to stop it early. It always seems full. But I drink water room temperature from our seperate filter. Ice mostly goes just for happy hour...