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    I am hoping that i may get some feedback from someone that has used exterior pvc trim and components. There seems to be a few different brands out there like Azek , Royal and Plygem to name a few and i was wondering if they are basically all the same. Is there a difference in density and types of pvc that are used in the manufacturing or are they all coming out of the same factory and just branded differently as many products are. Does one stand up better than others over time? Some brands seem to offer a much larger range of products like trims styles, sheet goods and so on. Azek has a line that is suppose to be made for milling and wondering what kind of finish you get after milling and does this allow for dirt and grime to collect on the milled surface more so than on a factory surface. Some claim that they have products that can be painted if one desires other colours than just white using specific type of paint. So how well does the paint take to the surface and how long before it would need to be painted again? Any insight into this type of product is welcomed and appreciated.
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