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Which is the best choice for windows

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  • Which is the best choice for windows

    Hey folks,
    We recently bought a new home and intend to move there as soon as possible. Now we are in a hurry to buy all the things we need for home. When we buy something, we give importance to those that improves the house's interior beauty.
    We now are in confusion as to choose the best window treatments for our new home. After seeking suggestions from many, we concluded with window blinds. As window blinds are available in different colours and textures, we could choose the best which suits our home. We are planning to buy window blinds by next week.
    Friends, Is our decision to buy window blinds, right? What to look for when selecting a suitable window treatment?
    I'm hopefully waiting for your opinions and suggestions.
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    Re: Which is the best choice for windows

    What type of blinds are you considering? horizontal blinds do collect dust and can be a bit of a pain to clean if you are not on top of it all the time. Vertical blinds are good for maintenance and I find much better to control light and visibility from outside. Rollup blinds are good for maintenance and they easily get totally out of the way. I like to get good rollups and eventually do some accent drapes and change them when I change the room color.
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      Re: Which is the best choice for windows

      Doesn't matter at all what anybody else might think is best, it's what makes you happy. Given the removal of an advertising link, I hope this is a legitimate question and not some disguised advertising that has now failed.

      We had various horizontal slat type venetian blinds that my wife hated mainly because of cleaning, I think, and they are now in the dump. We got some simple windows shades and framed them with curtains in the bedrooms which is nice since you have a lot of choices for the decorative aspects and the blinds are good for privacy and provide some minor degree of insulating value. For bedrooms they can also keep the room very dark with the proper selection if that is an issue.
      Our dining room has 4 rather long and narrow windows and for those we have inset pleated shades that were fairly expensive but they have served us well and look decent for our taste. They could be dressed up with curtains but so far that hasn't been a consideration.
      If you go with window shades spend a few dollars for high quality ones, the cheaper ones will fall apart.
      We do have a set of vertical "cloth" venetian blinds over a patio door that we like.


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        Re: Which is the best choice for windows

        Looks like phishing to me.

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