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    Re: removing insulation

    if it's an old house like mine it wont have soffits , that was a later idea but old houses usually had exposed rafter tails which are part of the heritage look. some don't know or care and install the modern looking soffits.

    when you roof, there is code that says you need to use roof felt. many roofers here say that is no longer necessary and use a membrane over the whole roof. when I did mine I used the membrane but also the roof felt in those areas. we dont have the climate for this ice dam issue but it is a known problem and the code reflects it. when I bought the roofing materials I had a conversation with the vendor and he said roofers usually dont install the felt anymore.

    one way to fix it is to leave whats there, strap the roof and you can put a layer of insulation but leave some space not filled in there . the air can then enter this space between and and then you can re-seheet it and install a ridge vent , that way the roof can cool in summer and spill the heat , i near the rafter tails, out the ridge vent , it would also help winter insulation . Its quite a job and not something I'd do unless you plan to re-roof. it makes the roof a bit thicker and you might need some flashing around the edges and depending how original you want to be , well most here dont use shakes anymore its almost all duride or something like it. I'd use IS0 board or at least a solid insulation if I did that .. If you do go to that extent I think it would be worthwhile.. much more comfortable in summer especially. but it's a big job.

    if the roof deck is insulated and there is no way for that trapped heat to leave it reduces the lifespan of the roofing. I added some of the 4x8 vents to help attic venting. the attic space isnt supposed to be warm it shoudl have insulation at floor level and the inner space should be like the outdoors. but maybe practicality depends on the design and changes that have been implemented. my house has about 6 feet of unused closet space( from nothing to 4'tall along the length of both sides.. along the lower parts and the bedroom walls are about 4' originally the attic was not living space nor was my basement, but most of them are now. most have utilized their attics and basements by now. I left this dead space unheated and it's close to the outdoor temp in there. the little wall that separates the living space I did insulate. I also insulated the floor in there with roxul and topped it with plywood and painted it so I can find stuff in there ..

    If you look in the attic at the 2x4's that the sheeting or shingles are stuck down to , you will probably also have some planking running parallel to the ridge because that's how they did it back then.. mine has no shingles and it has plywood sheeting a later update which is typical .

    where these 2x4's (rafters) penetrate the siding and go outside it shouldn't be too well sealed in this area, so if someone has plugged that up you might pull it out. you want fresh air to enter there.

    the other way to handle it is to install some vents in the gable ends I did that to get a bit better ventillation , mine is always very dry bit it gets hot in the summer adding a fan with a reverse thermostat that will come on when it's hot is perhaps a good idea and cheap to install. you could also make it come on with a humidity sensor.

    if you speak to roofer he will have a formula you should have a certain amount of vents for the size of the house. these older homes were not built to be sealed up so if you start doing that then you really need to also think about what else is altered. back 100 years ago they didn't even insulate and just burned more wood or coal instead. I think most agree that insulation is a good invention. I added one above the bathroom so I can have a bathroom fan which is also an update but necessary the way we shower these days.

    they way modern houses handle the heat loss is with heat transfer,, the incoming air is warmed by the exiting air as it ventilates so that reduces heat loss, they run hoses to all the rooms and couple that in so they do vent and they try to keep the heat lost through the venting system. new houses are even more sealed so they need this ventilation system or they would rot,

    If you have no bathroom fan that might help and be a fairly cheap option. you can get insulation pros and maybe some grants but where I got to I just didn't want a bunch of people working inside my house or to be roped into some schedule of spending lots of cash I just like to do it myself even if it's slow.

    if you want ot insulate above the living space its best not to close the space so the sheeting cant; cool and you can get wavy foam sheets to put in there so the insulation doesnt; block airflow. I did not insulate my roof deck at the sides which are not living space , there is some above the living space near the center but it is't packed in there. I want flow from the sides to the center and there is some venting near the center. although my attic walls/ ceiling are sloped , the center of the rooms does still have some dead space above for venting. the air can get through and cool the roof deck at least somewhat. If you pack the rafters with insulation youll need a new roof a lot sooner but maybe the best option is to wait for then and when it's time for a new roof, leave it alone , then just strap and resheet and it will be way better. put 2x3s on the roof and more sheeting. then your new roof.

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