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Toronto deck building code

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  • Toronto deck building code

    Trying to find the exact rules in the OBC and any contradictory Toronto bylaw for the height at which posts shift from 4x4 to 6x6. This seems to vary a lot from city to city.
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    Re: Toronto deck building code

    I managed to find this one:
    But like you, I found different documents for several cities.

    Interestingly, though the brochure covering the topic is quite extensive, the document for decks in my jurisdiction makes no mention of post size (related to deck height):

    This one does contain the line: "the post should be as wide as the beam it supports" (last paragraph of page 11), which might explain why the documents for different Ontario cities list different information.
    I would be personally surprised if the rules changed much between Canadian jurisdictions, especially when it came to loads and the engineering aspect of the structures... but I've been wrong/surprised plenty of times before...


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      Re: Toronto deck building code

      I am not sure where it is in the OBC but 6 x 6 are required regardless of the height above ground. If you see decks with 4 x 4 that has been built in the last 10 years they built it without a building permit. You will also find that they require 2 x 4 nailed to the bottom of the 6 x 6 to prevent uplift. Nailed at right angles to the post. Built a lot of decks for clients and use a design service including the one I added onto my own house this past spring. Something else to consider is that building without a permit can come back to bite you in the behind. When a house is sold your local municipality will receive a request from the purchasers lawyer to determine if their are any outstanding building permits not signed off. The municipality have aerial photos of their municipality that they purchase. One of the things they check is homes that may have had additions or decks that a building permit was not issued They will then send the seller a registered letter requesting that they obtain a permit and also notify the lawyer. In Keswick, north of Newmarket , they triple the cost of the building permit and an inspection is required. These aerial photos are done every couple of years and I have been told that the program will pinpoint and changes from the previous aerial photos.

      the size of the cement pad under the post may also very. On my own deck the size very from 16 in to 24 inch depending on the design of the deck and load transferred to ground. 8 inches thick.
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