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Anybody used IPE decking?

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    Re: Anybody used IPE decking?

    After putting up with PT and cedar decking I built 2 Trex decks. No regrets, stuff looks like it is brand new after 3 or 4 years.

    I want to clear up what in my opinion is misleading info. You don't have to beef up the deck support structure because Trex is heavy compared to wood. The issue is the fact that Trex and others have little structural strength which was mentioned above. For 5/4 decking they specify joists 16" OC as a maximum. I did mine 12" OC which really doesn't affect the cost much at all. This is so it doesn't sag when you walk between the joists.

    Another handy use for Trex, to take advantage of its flexibiltiy, is to use it for edging a curved garden. Makes a nice curve and won't rot.



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