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  • MicroPro pressure treated wood

    I just got back from doing a focus group about a new pressure treated product that is in the states and will be introduced to the Canadian market very soon. MicroPro.

    You can make up your own mind from the pics I snapped.

    1. Traditional

    2. MicroPro traditional

    3. MicroPro light green

    4. Preservative A (not for ground contact)

    5. MicroPro natural brown

    6. MicroPro natural redwood

    7. MicroPro natural cedar

    8. MicroPro product benefits sheet

    9. MicroPro environmental certifications

    I was really impressed with the last 3, which was obviously the thrust of the focus group. Really good colour which means no staining right off the bat and a better look over the long run.

    The moderator says that in the short time this product has been on the market in the US, it has taken 70% of the PT market.

    I had meant to ask where it was made, but forgot.

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    Re: MicroPro pressure treated wood

    Re: MicroPro pressure treated wood

    Curious as to who organized the focus group. So difficult these days to separate marketing tactics from the truth. It would be nice if we could get southern yellow pine in this country. The cell structure allows the Pressure treating liquid to penetrate to the center of the board. Cut a piece of PT yellow pine and it is the same color on the inside as the outside, unlike our pt lumber.

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