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Accessing pre-existing photos for use in posts

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    Re: Accessing pre-existing photos for use in posts

    Originally posted by AndrewSmith View Post

    I suspect it's a bug in the software, just as for a while the gallery would only show 50 photos. I'll ask the vBulletin people.
    Thank you Andrew. It's almost as if the "NEXT" button is missing, the one that would take you to the next page of photos.


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      Re: Accessing pre-existing photos for use in posts

      The computers certainly can do those things, though it gets more complicated every time you add another step in the software, cost to develop and test are another consideration I’m sure.

      I personally do not see the need for it, as there is ways to do this now, just looking in your album, all of the 332 pictures posted here on the forum does not take long and selecting and dropping the picture on the desktop takes but a couple of seconds.

      Posting is easy as well, here is one of your earliest on the forum.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	image_7568.jpg
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Size:	108.8 KB
ID:	1203301

      Have fun and take care
      Leo Van Der Loo


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        Re: Accessing pre-existing photos for use in posts

        Originally posted by Matt Matt View Post
        Right now I believe it only holds 49 to 50 photos. I will check with Andrew to see if making this unlimited taxes the server. Leo is pushing the server with his pictures. LOL.... as being the number one troublemaker picture orientated. no offence Leo. You’re just the most well documented picture person on our forum. Keep up the good work .AndrewSmith

        I believe Wally wanted at one time to be able to see who view liked. We’’ve made adjustments so anybody and everybody can see liked posts. Now you just click on the number of the # of the liked posts and a drop-down display will appear. If this gets abused somehow, it will get changed!

        sometimes we can fix things to accommodate the members. Most of the time we try to fix things for the members. Keep your chin up. Bring it to our attention and will try to see what we can do.

        just remember all the moderators, super moderators and most of the admin, ...are here on a voluntary basis. Bottom line is we’ll see if we can fix or able to fix.
        This does not work as stated. FYI.


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          Re: Accessing pre-existing photos for use in posts

          vBulletin confirmed this is a bug. They currently don't know when it will be fixed. It would require way too much work for me to do it myself.

          Andrew Smith