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Picture display problems

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  • Picture display problems

    The log in problem has gone, now whenever I want to look at pictures it puts the picture right at the bottom of the screen so the bottom part of the picture is out of screen, I can only see the top 2/3 of the photo not the bottom 1/3 and scrolling does not help.
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    Re: Picture display problems

    Hi bkrits: Does this happen for all posts that you view? Are you using a desktop or mobile device? What browser? If on a mobile device do you use Tapatalk or similar? Can you send me a screen shot of a post with this problem? Thanks, Carl


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      Re: Picture display problems

      Thanks for your response, the problem has not occurred these past few days so I think it must have resolved it's self, now I can't even remember what exactly what was happening.
      I'm on a laptop computer running windows 7 using Firefox as a browser, however no screen shot 'cos its not still happening.
      Thanks again for your consern.
      Bob S