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2 stroke engine problems

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    Re: 2 stroke engine problems

    Originally posted by al.m.. View Post
    using stabile is good practice for sure,it will prevent or at least reduce phase separation,but after 6 months the octane level is way down,you would be wise to shorten your rotation schedule by a least half,ideally much more,won't cost you any more and will not affect the mileage on your van quite as much.its a false economy burning old fuel,you get more power from it fresh
    I have 2 20L cans and I put one at a time into the minivan so it has 2 parts fresh to 1 part old roughly. I'm starting with 91 octane and the recommended regular is 87 so I have 4 to play with just to get down to the recommended level. I would be more concerned about detonation with the lower octane but that hasn't been a problem but this may be due to the modern detonation knock sensors that would cause the timing the be retarded - and yes, that would lower power output a bit but it appears that octane rating changes doesn't drastically effect the performance and I'm not drag-racing the minivan. I cannot tell if I have the old stuff in the tank when driving. Doing it twice a year really is nothing in terms of cost. The main reason for not wanting to do it more often is that cans are a PITA to dump into the minivan (I used to do it 3 times).


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      Re: 2 stroke engine problems

      Thanks, everyone working much better.
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