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Snow Tires or Not?

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    Re: Snow Tires or Not?

    So, you're driving the company truck that is governed at 90 K per hour.
    The South Shore, Nova Scotia


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      Re: Snow Tires or Not?

      Originally posted by iamtooler View Post
      minimum on divided highway is 65km, lower under unsafe conditions. Sometimes I judge my load to be an unsafe condition!
      Maybe only in Quebec? As far as I know there is no minimum speed limit in Ontario and ticketing for driving too slow is based on the ticketing officer's judgement about whether or not you are obstructing traffic or creating a dangerous situation by traveling too slowly


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        Re: Snow Tires or Not?

        I have made quite a number of trips across the Massachusetts pike (i-90) over the Alleghenies in the winter; generally a pleasant drive until you do the same trip in a blizzard! One time there were 17 cars/SUV's/Pick-ups (that I could count while still paying attention to what I was doing) off the road at the I-84 junction including 2 State Police cars because the drivers were in a big rush and were trying to pass the slower moving and safer traffic. I recognized a couple of the more brightly coloured vehicles that had passed me only a couple of minutes previous. Road conditions were such that my car's mufflers were dragging in the snow in the clearest lane but these folks were not going to be cautious; basically they drove right off of the road at the only significant turn in that stretch of Interstate. Fortunately, the road curves to the right else the outcome would have been a massive pile-up like that one near Ames.

        NB it took me about 4 extra hours to make the trip from Ottawa to Trumbull, Ct on that particular night but I got there without incident; an awful lot of folks did not! One would have to be a complete fool to drive in those conditions at 110 kph (65mph) and most of those who tried soon found out why the safe ones were going much, much slower than the posted limit. Driving too fast on winter roads gets everyone into trouble and late beats dead any day in my book; others I guess make a different assessment!

        All that said, snow tires don't make summer driving conditions in winter, not by a long shot, and safe winter driving requires modification of one's road behaviour not just a different set of tires. Please be safe, fellow Fourmites; don't seek excuses to do bad things on the roads. There is nothing down that rabbit hole except misery.