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  • Chernobyl on HBO

    If you have not seen this series ,its worth watching.
    Disturbing but reality.
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    Re: Chernobyl on HBO

    Yes, I saw that a while ago, excellent series. Also saw a Youtube video by a guy who grew up near Chernobyl at the time and he commented that it was very authentic.


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      Re: Chernobyl on HBO

      Yes, I thought it was an amazing series - perfect balance of giving the history of the event while putting human faces on the tragedy.

      I did feel bad for Jared Harris though - I think he's an amazing actor, but the poor guy seems to have to hang himself in every movie he does!

      Meanwhile, there was a story in the news today, CBC I think, about the Russian director of Stalingrad, who has apparently been working on his own Chernobyl movie for the last 4 years. He said his "heart sank" when the HBO series came out first, as he felt beaten to the punch, but now he thinks it a real blessing, as the HBO series has apparently inspired incredible interest in the event, which he figures will make audiences more receptive to his movie. He had an interesting point though about how he thought it a little weird that this prime Russian story was being told by brits and Americans. I mean, imagine if the Russians made a movie about, say, the halifax explosion? We'd think that's a little weird, right?
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        Re: Chernobyl on HBO

        Watched it and yes very good, but here is an other one to watch: WWII in color, you will see stuff in there that was not known till this series came out, and also you could watch: The Man in the high castle.. It is a series that shows how the world would have been if Hitler had won the war, very interresting to watch.


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          Re: Chernobyl on HBO

          I saw chernobyl it was amazing what those men put up with. The conditions they worked under. The tyranny of everyone from their boss right up to the top of the food chain. No one too responsibility for anything. Even denying there was an explosion in the reactor. Incredible.

          And then the poor bastards that had to clean it up and save the place from further damage and dig underneath it. Just wow.

          Saw a youtube Doc about the new structure they put over the place a while back. I will try to find it. that was pretty cool too.