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6.7 Cummins injector pump

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    Re: 6.7 Cummins injector pump

    Originally posted by Brian @ Muir View Post
    I just ordered a spare tire lift from them. I ordered it Monday night and it was delivered by DHL onto my doorstep Wednesday afternoon. Came from warehouse near New York City. Can’t beat that for service.
    This is obviously a sidenote, I really appreciate DHL as well, with delivery. I personally use Canada post for shipping most of the time. After this post I’m gonna look into DHL shipping.

    I am now personally boycotting UPS with any out shipping or in shipping after my last fiasco with them. They are out to make money with their brokerage charges! They’ve delayed my shipping for almost 2 weeks demanding receipts and documentation. The documentation was attached to the parcel.

    if I’m shipping to the US I only use Canada post/USPS. My last shipment to overseas hit me hard at $102 using Canada post. Most of my US customers are in the $60 range.

    get hit once, shame on me. Get hit twice, I fix it.... shame on them.
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