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Reduced Ontario Hydro rates and your workshop

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  • Reduced Ontario Hydro rates and your workshop

    Does anyone feel it will make much of a difference to your shop schedule now that it's 'off-peak' all day?

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    Re: Reduced Ontario Hydro rates and your workshop

    Of course it will for me. I have electric heat in my shop which I keep at a maintenance level all winter. It will save me money; I just don't know how much it will be. Every bit helps.

    It won't affect the amount of time in my shop though.
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      Re: Reduced Ontario Hydro rates and your workshop

      No it won’t affect my usage at all.

      I don’t change my consumption based upon price, I don’t waste energy.

      It won’t really change my time of use either, we run noisy appliances like the dishwasher at night when we’re sleeping.

      I’m not in favour of the price reduction, it’s another. “Kick the payment can down the road” plan.....Rod
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        Re: Reduced Ontario Hydro rates and your workshop

        I am not on time of use rates, they tried but no go. Over the course of 10 years they changed out my meter 8 times trying to get one that could communicate with them to apply time of use rates. It got so bad I started bitching at them every time they showed up to change the meter.Yes we are all paying for such screw-ups. The distances out here between meters and boosters are to great for them to work reliably. It looks like they have finally stopped trying, I never use more than 800 kwh in winter and 400 kwh in summer so I don't exceed minimum rates, so this does not do a thing for me.