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    <div class="CWW_Newsletter"> <p><IMG style="FLOAT: left" alt=paulspic src="" width=74 height=107>Many of you may have already seen the SawStop video, where the developer of SawStop is filmed (with super slow motion camera) as he pushes his own finger into the saw blade.</P> <p> The video is a true testimonial of the safety of the saw. If you haven't seen it, <A title= href="" target=_blank><STRONG>you can see the videoHERE.</STRONG></A></P> <p> The SawStop will be on display and demonstrated throughout the weekend at the upcoming Ottawa Woodworking Show, October 21, 22, 23.</P> <p> Be sure to see the Ottawa Woodworking Show update below for more details on the show.</P> <p> Enjoy! </P> <p> Paul</P> <h1>OTTAWA WOODWORKING SHOW UPDATE</H1> <p><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=ottawawoodshow2011logo src="" width=112 height=95></A></P> <p><STRONG>The Ottawa Woodworking Show</STRONG><BR> <STRONG>Lansdowne Park</STRONG><BR> <STRONG>October 21, 22, 23</STRONG></P> <P> Here are some highlights of the show: </P> <ul> <li><A title= href="" target=_blank><strong>New Tool Showcase</STRONG></A> - see all the exhibitors New Woodworking Tools, all in one display</li> <li><A title= href="" target=_blank><strong>Three Seminar Streams</STRONG></A> - including Fine Woodworking; General Woodworking &amp; DIY (in both English and French)</li> <li><A title= href="" target=_blank><strong>Fine Furniture Display</STRONG></A> - showcasing the works of Canada's top fine furniture makers</li> <li><A title= href="" target=_blank><strong>Meet Canada's Top Fine Woodworkers</STRONG> </A>- they will be on hand to answer all of your questions</li> <li><A title= href="" target=_blank><strong>Woodworking Tool, Machinery, and Accessories</STRONG></A> - shop and save on the most popular woodworking tools available</li> <li><A title= href="" target=_blank><strong>Wood carving competition and display</STRONG></A> - presented by Outaouis Carving Club</li> <li><A title= href="" target=_blank><strong>Wood Turning display</STRONG></A> - by the Ottawa Valley Woodturners
</li> <li><A title= href="" target=_blank><strong>Meet the Lee Valley Design Team</STRONG></A> - See how new products are brought to market - from concept to finished product. You'll even see some tools that are not yet released!</li> <li><A title= href="" target=_blank><strong>Win Power Tools</STRONG></A> - Turn your old batteries into new power tools, by dropping off your old household or workshop batteries. Every battery gives you a chance to win</li> <li><A title= href="" target=_blank><strong>One price admission for the entire weekend</STRONG></A> - your $10 admission gets you a wrist band, allowing you total access to the show all weekend long. Come back as often as you wish, and take in as many seminars as you like.</li> <li><A title= href="" target=_blank><strong>Door Prize</STRONG></A> - Win a week-long woodworking course with Canada's Top Fine Woodworkers. Choose from Garrett Hack, Michael Fortune or more!
</li> <li><A title= href="" target=_blank><strong>Have your say</STRONG></A> - meet and talk with Canadian Woodworking Magazine's editor Rob Brown and Publisher Paul Fulcher. Tell us what you want to see in future issues of the magazine. Also, tell us what you want to see at future wood shows. Your input will be invaluable as we plan the future of Canada's woodworking magazine and shows.</li> </ul> <P> <A title= href="" target=_blank><STRONG>SPECIAL PRIZE FOR OUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS</STRONG> - 'Like' the Ottawa Woodworking Show on our FaceBook page and you could win $100 to spend at the show! See site for details</A></P> <P> Thanks to all of the people who responded to my call for volunteers for the show. We still have a few positions available, so if you would like to volunteer and be a part of this exciting event, please email me and let me know.<BR> <A ect=I%20would%20like%20to%20volunteer%20at%20the%2 0Ottawa%20Woodworking%20Show.%20Please%20send%20me %20information href=" ect=I%20would%20like%20to%20volunteer%20at%20the%2 0Ottawa%20Woodworking%20Show.%20Please%20send%20me %20information" target=_blank><STRONG>CLICK HERE TO SEND EMAIL</STRONG></A></P> <P>Thanks!</P> <h1>ROCKLER EXTENDS DUST COLLECTION TO OTHER ROOMS AND MULTIPLE TOOLS</H1> <p><A title=;filter=42401&amp;pn=424 01 href=";filter=42401&amp;pn=424 01" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title=;filter=42401&amp;pn=424 01 alt=portaction src="" width=195 height=195></A>Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has introduced two new products designed to turn ordinary dust control into an efficient, multiple-line dust collection system.</P> <p> The Through-The-Wall Dust Right Port Kit and the 3-Way Dust Collection Junction are inexpensive and easily added to any system, yet offer expansion opportunities to connect multiple shop tools.</p> <p> In addition, using the Through-The-Wall Dust Right Port Kit, dust collectors can be kept in another room or a sound-insulated storage area, while the cut-to-length 4" diameter x 12" pipe connects branch lines into an adjacent room. Teamed with the 3-Way Dust Collection Junction, the main line may be split into a total of three branch lines, bringing superior dust collection suction to every corner of the shop.</p> <p> Steve Krohmer, Vice President of product development, says, "Dust control is one of the most important, yet overlooked aspect of woodworking. The Through-The-Wall Dust Right Port Kit and 3-Way Dust Collection Junction <A title=;filter=42289&amp;pn=422 89 href=";filter=42289&amp;pn=422 89" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title=;filter=42289&amp;pn=422 89 alt=3n1 src="" width=185 height=185></A>provide a quick, inexpensive way to connect multiple tools to a central dust collection. And keeping the dust collector in another room or a sound-insulated room lowers shop noise and frees up floor space.</p> <p> The Through-The-Wall Dust Right Port Kit (42401) retails for $ 14.99 while the 3-Way Dust Collection Junction (42289) retails for $ 15.99. Both are available at Rockler Woodworking and Hardware stores nationwide, Rockler's independent resellers,, or in the Rockler catalog.</P> <p> For store locations or a free catalog, please visit <A title= href="" target=_blank><STRONG></strong></A> or call 1-877-ROCKLER</P> <h1>THREE NEW PRODUCTS FROM CRAFTEX</H1> <p><A title=;x=0&amp;y=0 href=";x=0&amp;y=0" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title=;x=0&amp;y=0 alt=bg src="" width=185 height=206></A><STRONG>Wet Bench Grinder - Designed in Germany</STRONG></P> <P>This item is perfect to sharpen just about any cutting tools giving razor sharp edges each time. The lower portion of the grinding wheel operates in a water reservoir as it carries water continuously over the grinding surface, cleaning the wheel and eliminating the risk and potential damage from overheating. The universal support is designed to be easily mounted vertically or horizontally depending on the grinding job and it can be adjusted easily at the desired angle accepting a variety of cutting tools for precise grinding. The leather stropping wheel removes the fine burrs and polishes the cutting edges providing amazing sharpness to your cutting tools. For added safety the On/Off switch is provided with a safety pin which can be removed to prevent from unauthorized usage.</P> <P>The CT171 comes with a 220-Grit grinding wheel, honing paste for the leather honing wheel, user manual and 2 year warranty.</P> <P><A title=;x=0&amp;y=0 href=";x=0&amp;y=0" target=_blank>Model # CT171</A><A title=;x=0&amp;y=0 href=";x=0&amp;y=0" target=_blank><BR> Sale Price - $ 199.00<BR> Regular Price &ndash; $ 225.00</A> <A title=;x=0&amp;y=0 href=";x=0&amp;y=0" target=_blank><BR></A></P> <P><A title=;x=0&amp;y=0 href=";x=0&amp;y=0" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title=;x=0&amp;y=0 alt=dc src="" width=180 height=247></A><STRONG>3HP Dust Collector with Dual Canisters</STRONG></P> <P>This heavy duty production dust collector is designed with the large shop in mind. Featuring dual canisters, conjoining steel duct arm and a large precision balanced impeller, this dust collector tackles the heaviest of jobs. The canisters are made of spun bond polyester and feature 6 times the filtering area of standard cloth bags. Convenient canister cleaning handles allow for easy removal of caked on dust with a simple clockwise or counter clockwise half turn.</P> <P>The steel duct arm from the impeller to the canisters improves air flow and allow for quick removal of large chips. You will appreciate the power, improved efficiency and reliability of this new dust collector.</P> <P>Like all CX-Series machines, this 3HP dust collector features powder coated paint, sharp looking two tone colours and a full 3 year warranty.</P> <P><A title=;x=0&amp;y=0 href=";x=0&amp;y=0" target=_blank><BR> Model # CX402<BR> Sale Price - $ 849.00<BR> Regular Price &ndash; $ 999.00<BR></A></p> <p> <STRONG><A title=;x=0&amp;y=0 href=";x=0&amp;y=0" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title=;x=0&amp;y=0 alt=wl src="" width=180 height=104></A>Heavy Duty Wood Lathe with Variable Speed</STRONG></p> <p> This monster wood lathe is built for the serious turner. Top end features include heavy duty cast iron construction, variable speed with inverter technology, large outboard turning capabilities, and a digital speed readout for ease of use.</P> <P>Featuring a heavy duty 3HP, 220-Volt motor, the CX800 features three speed ranges and provides perfect speed for your work with the quick change step pulley system. It comes with an inboard and an outboard tool rests, which are both adjustable at any height and angle as required.</P> <P>Like all CX-Series machines, this unit features powder coated paint, sharp looking two tone colours and a full 3 year warranty.</P> <P><A title=;x=0&amp;y=0 href=";x=0&amp;y=0" target=_blank>Model # CX800<BR> Sale Price - $ 2799.00<BR> Regular Price &ndash; $ 3099.00<BR></A></P> <h1>TWO NEW MULTI-MAX TOOLS FROM DREMEL</H1> <p><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=dremel src="" width=195 height=123></A>Dremel is taking its oscillating tools up a notch. Two new, high-performance tools, the Dremel Multi-Max MM20 and Dremel Multi-Max MM40, allow users to tackle a wider array of oscillating applications with increased tool power and capabilities &ndash; making any task on a do-it-yourselfer or remodeler&rsquo;s to-do list that much easier to complete.</p> <p> The Dremel Multi-Max MM20&rsquo;s 2.3 amp motor is more powerful than the Dremel brand&rsquo;s current oscillating tool, enhancing tool performance and allowing for faster, more precise cuts in a wide variety of materials. With a variable speed range of 10,000 &ndash; 21,000 oscillations per minute, the MM20 allows DIYers to power through their to-do lists with detail, precision and optimal performance.</p> <p> The best-in-class Dremel Multi-Max MM40 boasts a 2.5 amp motor that delivers quick, efficient cuts, rivaling current top-of-the-line competitors at a fraction of the cost. Users also benefit from the tool&rsquo;s innovative Quick Lock&trade; accessory change system that quickly and securely facilitates accessory changes without a hex wrench or other equipment, eliminating any worry or frustration over losing the tool&rsquo;s screw and washer. The MM40 operates between 10,000 to 21,000 OPM and offers a soft-start feature that minimizes abrupt starts and provides a feeling of control as the tool ramps up to the desired speed. Electronic feedback also ensures users can power through the toughest applications.</p> <p> See more at: <A title= href="" target=_blank><STRONG></STRONG></A></P> <h1>NEW FORREST MITER MASTER BLADE DELIVERS THE ULIMATE MITER CUTS ON WOOD, ALUMINUM, AND PVC</H1> <P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=mitermaster src="" width=195 height=205></A>Forrest&rsquo;s wide selection of Miter Master Saw Blades continues to be a popular choice of industrial firms and commercial enterprises seeking to make fast, reliable miter cuts with no bottom splinters.</p> <p> These premium carbide-tipped circular saw blades are suitable for wood, aluminum, high-end paper wraps, PVC, copper, and brass.&nbsp; Customers include manufacturers of picture frames, window frames and sashes, blinds, moulding, and fine millwork of various kinds.&nbsp; Serious craftsmen and woodshops also specify these blades for their toe-notching applications.</p> <p> Mr. Forrest says, &ldquo;Our Miter Master Blades are the &lsquo;Cadillac&rsquo; of miter blades.&nbsp; They are hand straightened to ensure perfect flatness and are hand polished&mdash;never mass produced.&nbsp; Forrest blades also have exceptional perimeter concentricity and side runout of +/1 .001.&nbsp; We use tough, corrosion-resistant C-2 carbide tips on Miter Masters.&nbsp; Customers can specify even harder C-4 carbide for an additional 20% charge.&nbsp; Our proprietary manufacturing techniques tend to make Forrest blades last up to 300 percent longer between sharpenings, compared to the products of other manufacturers.&nbsp; Any way you look at it, our Miter Masters deliver the ultimate in quality performance and quiet cuts.&rdquo;</p> <p> Forrest blades are available from fine-quality dealers, retailers, and catalogs, as well as direct from the factory. <BR> For more information, call 1-800-733-7111 or visit <A title= href="" target=_blank><STRONG></strong></A> </P> <h1>MILWAUKEE EXPANDS HAND TOOL OFFERINGS</H1> <P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=handtools src="" width=185 height=95></A>Following the successful launch of their new Hand Tool business in 2010, Milwaukee Tool continues to rapidly expand the tool line with the launch of several new products in October 2011. <P>With a focus on delivering innovative solutions that increase productivity, the new products will fall into three new categories which include Pliers, Snips, and PEX Cutting. Committed to their core user, Milwaukee will incorporate features into each Hand Tool that provide application specific solutions for the Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC, MRO, and Remodeling trades.</p> <p> The new hand tools specifically include Quick Adjust Reaming Pliers, Tongue and Groove Pliers, Aviation Snips, and a PEX/Tubing Cutter.&nbsp; Additionally, Milwaukee will introduce a family of 6 in 1 tools that will reduce the number of Hand Tools needed to complete common applications such as reaming pipe, cutting nails, pulling wire, cutting bolts, and more.&nbsp; The 6 in 1 tools will be offered as Lineman&rsquo;s Pliers, Diagonal Cutting Pliers, Combination Wire Pliers, and Long Nose Pliers.</p> <p> Backed by Milwaukee&rsquo;s Limited Lifetime Warranty, each of the new products is drop forged, machined for maximum precision, and treated to resist rust. Durable over-molded grips add comfort and last longer than traditional rubber dipped handles.
</p> <p> <A title= href="" target=_blank><STRONG></strong></A></P> <h1>CREATE HOLLOW VESSELS AND FORMS WITH EASE AND PRECISION</H1> <p><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=hrphoto src="" width=185 height=81></A>For artisans and hobbyists who enjoy turning hollow vessels and forms on their lathe, the new AccuRight Hollow Roller system is the fastest, easiest and safest way to create beautiful turnings.</p> <p> The patent-pending system consists of a captive cutting bar tool and lubricant-free roller system.&nbsp; The elegantly simple engineering allows the artisan to focus entirely on the workpiece without concern for controlling torque or twisting on the cutting tool.&nbsp; The roller configuration allows for drag-free, smooth, cutting motions that provide for greater carving detail and a higher-quality surface on the finished piece.</p> <p> For added value, the AccuRight 175 quick-lock tool handle adapts for use of other tools like gouges and scrapers. The handle comes with a stock 5/8&rdquo; collet, but can accommodate any size round bar up to 3/4&rdquo;.</p> <p> Go to <A title= href="" target=_blank><STRONG></STRONG></A> for more details and to see a video demonstration of the new Hollow Roller.</P> <h1>NEW COLOUR TRENDS FROM BEHR PAINTS</H1> <p><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=image001 src="" width=195 height=135></A>BEHR Paints announces 2012 Color Trends, featuring 20 new colors and four distinct design themes.</p> <p> With an innovative look at design and color, BEHR continues to be the leader in do-it-yourself home d&eacute;cor.&nbsp; The new collection fosters creativity and inspiration with an array of eclectic hues paired with sophisticated, playful and elegant d&eacute;cor.&nbsp; Innovative design concepts and on-trend palettes provide do-it-yourselfers limitless inspiration and guidance for their next project.</p> <p>&ldquo;BEHR Paints&rsquo; 2012 Color Trend palettes were created to allow consumers to embark on their own color adventure,&rdquo; said Erika Woelfel, Director of Color Marketing, BEHR Paints. &ldquo;Whether you&rsquo;re looking to imbue a room with a sense of <A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=image002 src="" width=195 height=136></A>adventure, playfulness or drama, there is a palette in this trend series that will let your imagination run wild.&rdquo;</p> <p> This something-for-everyone collection features a diverse mix of styles and hues.&nbsp; Do-it-yourselfers will be inspired to refresh their space with a new wall color and complete room theme. </p> <p> BEHR Paints has identified four distinct trends that bring endless opportunities to be inspired:</p> <p> <STRONG>Santa Fe Today</STRONG> &ndash; a complex yet welcoming mixture of natural warm tones</P> <P><IMG style="FLOAT: right" alt=image004 src="" width=195 height=136></P> <P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=image003 src="" width=195 height=135></A><STRONG>Retro Recall</STRONG> &ndash; a quirky combination of retro and contemporary gadgets, </p> <p> <STRONG>Safari Escape</STRONG> &ndash; an elegant combination of relaxed neutrals and exotic details, and </P> <P><STRONG>Tea Party</STRONG> &ndash; a feminine mix of Victorian ornamentation. From deep neutrals to pallid pinks, the expansive range of new colors sparks creativity, excitement and originality.</P> <P><A title= href="" target=_blank><STRONG></strong></A></P> <h1>In This Issue of Canadian Woodworking &amp; Home Improvement Magazine</H1> <P>Each issue, Canadian Woodworking and Home Improvement Magazine brings you a range of woodworking projects, techniques and tips that will help to improve your woodworking skills. Visit <A href=";utm_medium=email&amp;utm_campa ign=[SUBJECT]"></A> to subscribe.</P> <IMG alt=octnov11 src="" width=215 height=282> <h2>In the October/November'11 Issue:</h2> <h3>Features:</h3> <UL> <li>Under-Stair Storage</li> <li>Inlaid Flower Box</li> <li>Three-Way Mitre</li> </UL> <h3>Also:</h3> <UL> <li>Garden Dibbler</li> <li>Surface Preparation</li> <li>Product News &amp; Shop Tested Tools </LI> </UL></div>
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