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    <div class="CWW_Newsletter"><P><IMG style="FLOAT: left" alt=paulham src="" width=110 height=160><STRONG>Canadian Woodworking &amp; Home Improvement Magazine goes digital</STRONG></P><P>We are just putting the final touches onto our first digital issue, which is set to go out to all <STRONG>current subcribers</STRONG> on April 1st (and I'm not fooling)!</P><P> If you currently subscribe, and would like to receive this (and all future) digital versions of our magazine, please take a moment and send our circulation department your email address. </P><P> Digital issues are absolutely FREE for magazine subscribers, and you will receive each new digital issue for the duration of your print subscription.</P><P><STRONG>SUBSCRIBERS</STRONG>: to receive your digital issues, please send us your email address by <A href=" e%20send%20me%20digital%20issues.%20I%20will%20pro vide%20my%20full%20name,%20mailing%20address,%20an d%20email%20address%20in%20the%20body%20of%20this% 20email" target=_blank><STRONG>CLICKING HERE</STRONG></A></P><P><STRONG>NON-SUBSCRIBERS</STRONG>: If you are not a current subscriber, but would like to get in on this offer, simply subscribe now (or within the next month) and you will automatically receive your digital issue. To subscribe now <A href="" target=_blank><STRONG>CLICK HERE</STRONG></A> and you will be directed to our order page. Be sure to enter your email address when ordering.</P><P> Paul</P><h1>NEW SHUTTER BUILDING SYSTEM</H1><P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=rockler src="" width=184 height=180></A> Rockler has just introduced a new, Shutter Building System which almost anyone, &nbsp;with just some basic skills [homeowners, DIYers or woodworkers], can use to build custom, wood window shutters at a fraction of the cost that one would have to pay a traditional retailer.</P><P> The Shutter Building System is a line of jigs, hardware, stock, and customized step-by-step plans to guide users through the entire process making it a truly simple solution!</P><P> The Rockler Shutter Building System produces shutters with louvers in three industry-standard sizes with configurations that either open and close or are fixed. Rockler provides a free shutter design application at that provides a complete step-by-step plan for building each shutter. The system leverages specialized drilling jigs that allow users to precisely space and align louvers using a cordless drill. Basswood for the shutter frames and ready-to-cut basswood louvers can be purchased, as well as hardware to attach the louvers and control arm hardware to open and close the shutters.</P><P>See more at: <A title= href="" target=_blank><STRONG></STRONG></A></P><h1>CUT LIST APP FOR iPAD &amp; iPHONE</H1><P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=ss4 src="" width=190 height=145></A>Carpenter Pro the newest cut list app for the iPad &amp; iPhone.</p><P> The app is unique in the Apple iOS market with an inexpensive price tag compared to similar PC-based cutlist apps.</p><P>Carpenter Pro has provision for controlling wood grain direction for each part, it calculates how many plywood sheets you need to cut parts for your, and generates detailed cut list diagrams for every stock sheet.</P><P><A href="" target=_blank><STRONG>CLICK HERE</STRONG></A> to see a video demonstrating the app.</P><P><A href="" target=_blank><STRONG>CLICK HERE</STRONG></A> to download the app from App Store.</P><h1>HAUSSMANN XPERT MITRE SAW AVAILABLE AT RONA</H1><p><A href="!59695004_shop" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title=!59695004_shop alt=rona src="" width=190 height=190></A> Miter Saw XPERT </p><ul> <li> <STRONG> High-performance tool</STRONG><BR> With 15amp long-life motor, ideal for the workshop, construction site or DIY enthusiast</li> <li><STRONG> Precision Cuts</STRONG><BR> With double bar guide</li> <li> <STRONG> Versatile Tool</STRONG><BR> For stationary and mobile use</li> <li><STRONG> Ergonomic</STRONG><BR> Easy, safe operation - complies with the latest occupational safety requirements.</li></ul><P> <STRONG>Additional Features:</STRONG><BR> - Length stops on extensions<BR> - Bigger moveable fence on both sides<BR> - Internal slide system<BR> - Belt-driven system for lower noise levels and more durability<BR> - Bright LED work light<BR> - Quick stop lever for extension table<BR> - Tree-position rotating handle<BR> - 3yr Warranty</P><P> More info at: <A href="!59695004_shop" target=_blank><STRONG></STRONG></A></P><h1>KREG'S NEW SHELF PIN JIG</H1><P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=shelfpin src="" width=185 height=217></A> If you&rsquo;re adding shelf pin holes to an existing piece of furniture or building shelving from scratch, the Kreg Shelf Ping Jig is the perfect tool for the job.</P><P> Unlike other shelf pin guides, the Kreg Shelf Pin Jig features hardened steel drill guides which ensure perfectly precise and straight drilling, a dual position adjustable fence for custom hole placement, an included locating pin for quick and accurate spacing reference, a handy jig extender which lets you connect multiple Shelf Pin Jigs together for high-speed production work, and an ultra sharp &frac14;&rdquo; brad-point bit with depth collar.</P><P> The Shelf Pin Jig also features a handy and secure storage space for the drill bit and locating pin built right into the back-side of the jig.</P><P> <STRONG>Includes:</STRONG><BR> Shelf Pin Jig, Locating Pin, Jig Extender, &frac14;&rdquo; Drill Bit, Depth Collar, Allen Wrench, Instruction Manual, Four &frac14;&rdquo; Shelf Pins.<BR>&middot;&nbsp;Standard 32mm Hole Spacing<BR>&middot; Standard &frac14;&rdquo; HoleSize (5mm bit available separately)<BR>&middot; Dual Position AdjustableFence (1&rdquo; and 2&rdquo;)<BR>&middot; Hardened Steel DrillGuide Lifetime Warranty</P><P> More info at: <A title= href="" target=_blank><SPAN style="COLOR: #0000ff; TEXT-DECORATION: underline" title=><STRONG title=></STRONG></SPAN></A></P><h1>KELOWNA WOODTURNING SYMPOSIUM</H1><P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=kms src="" width=190 height=43></A> The Okanagan Valley Woodturners Guild is pleased to present a one day
Woodturning Symposium on <STRONG>Sunday, March 4, 2012, from 9am - 4pm.</STRONG></P><P> This all day event is being held at the KMS Tools and Equipment Kelowna store, 158 Penno Road, just
North of Rutland Road off Hwy 97N.</P><P>In addition to the many experts on hand to answer your questionsabout the features and selection of all manner of woodworking products, the FeaturePresentations will be the detailed demonstrations and explanations by the OkanaganValley Woodturners Guild Members of some of the finer points of various woodturningtechniques and tools.</P><P> <STRONG>Scheduled Demonstrations</STRONG><BR> 10:00am - Bob Coombes - Woodcut Bowlsaver Demonstration<BR> 11:00am - Ron Jones - Chips And Dip Platter<BR> 12:00pm - Keith Harvey - Vicmarc Oval Turning System<BR> 1:00pm - Lunch - Included with Admission<BR> 1:30pm - Kevin Welch - Woodcut HollowTurning Kit<BR> 2:30pm - Jim Finney - Pen Turning Techniques</P><P> <STRONG>Door open at 9am, Symposium start at 10am.</STRONG> <BR> Admission is only $50 and includes all demonstrations plus lunch. Attendance is limited so sign up early and reserve your spot, today.<BR> <STRONG>How To Register:<br> In person </STRONG>at the KMS Kelowna Store - 158 Penno Road<br> <strong>Online </strong>at <STRONG></STRONG> (Product Code: CLASS-SIM030412)<BR> <STRONG>By email</STRONG> - <STRONG><A href=" 0send%20me%20registration%20info%20for%20the%20Oka nagan%20Woodturning%20Symposium" target=_blank></A></STRONG><BR> <STRONG>By phone</STRONG> - 250-765-9665 / 1-888-922-9665</P><P>See complete details at: <A href="" target=_blank><STRONG></STRONG></A></P><h1>MISSING SUPPLIERS LIST FROM FEB/MAR'12 MAGAZINE</H1><P><IMG style="FLOAT: left" alt=missinglead src="" width=190 height=216> This <STRONG>'Sources of Supply'</STRONG> list was to appear in our last issue's <STRONG>Stringing and Banding</STRONG> article, but wasmissed.</P><P><STRONG>PRECISION ROUTER BASE AND ROUTER BITS</STRONG><BR><A title= href="" target=_blank><STRONG title=></A></P><P><STRONG> SOLID CARBIDE MICRO END MILLS</STRONG> <BR><STRONG><A title= href="" target=_blank><SPAN style="COLOR: #0000ff" title=></A><A title= href="" target=_blank><SPAN style="COLOR: #0000ff" title=></A></STRONG></P><P><STRONG> VENEERS, STRINGING AND BANDING</STRONG><A title= href="" target=_blank><SPAN style="COLOR: #0000ff" title=><STRONG title=><BR title=> </A><A title= href="" target=_blank><STRONG title=></A><A title= href="" target=_blank><SPAN title=></A><A title= href="" target=_blank><SPAN style="COLOR: #0000ff" title=><STRONG title=><BR title=> </A><A title= href="" target=_blank><STRONG title=></A><A title= href="" target=_blank><SPAN title=></A><A title= href="" target=_blank><SPAN style="COLOR: #0000ff" title=><STRONG title=><BR title=></A><STRONG><A title= href="" target=_blank><SPAN style="COLOR: #0000ff" title=></A></STRONG></P><P><STRONG> BEADING TOOLS, CUTTERS, ROUTER PLANES</STRONG><A title= href="" target=_blank><SPAN style="COLOR: #0000ff" title=><STRONG title=><BR title=> </A><STRONG><A title= href="" target=_blank><SPAN title=></A></STRONG></P><h1>DEWALT LAUNCHES NEW ROLLING MITRE SAW/PLANER STAND</H1><P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=dewaltstandwo src="" width=115 height=191></A><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=dewaltstandw src="" width=190 height=190></A>DEWALT introduces its new Rolling Miter Saw/Planer Stand (DWX726), which allows for easy jobsite mobility thanks to its wide rubber wheels and fold-up design. The DWX726 is designed for a variety of contractors including cabinetmakers, trim carpenters, framers, installers and many other professionals who are tasked with using a miter saw or portable thickness planer on the jobsite. </P><P> With three-position pneumatically assisted raising and lowering, the DWX726 is easy to assemble to minimize downtime. The unit is also durable with a tubular steel construction that allows for 300 pounds of maximum weight capacity. The mounting rails are easily adjustable, and they can adapt to nearly any miter saw or portable thickness planer on the market.</P><P> Additionally, the stand offers wide adjustable infeed and outfeed roller work supports, which provide up to eight feet of material support.</P><P> Weighing a manageable 67 pounds, the stand is 98-inches long and 32.5 inches wide when it is unfolded. To save space, the unit folds vertically and measures only 59.5 inches by 17 inches.</P><P> For more information visit: <A title= href="" target=_blank><STRONG title=></STRONG></A></P><h1>METABO'S NEW HEAVY DUTY VACUUM IMPROVES PRODUCTIVITY WITH AUTO-CLEANING FILTER SYSTEM</H1><P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=metabopic src="" width=205 height=205></A> Ideal for large volumes of debris: fine dust, solid particles and non-flammable liquids</P><P> This unique filter cleaning system keeps the vacuum running at peak performance for increased productivity, since it does not need to be shut down for filter cleaning. The ASR 35 wet /dry vac is especially suited for job sites where the collection of fine concrete dust created from grinding or cutting is needed.&nbsp; It works equally as well in the shop collecting large volumes of debris or non-flammableliquids.</P><P> Standard surface prep kits, like Metabo's 5" and 7" kits, can be used with the ASR 35 to help protect the worker against harmful silica dust.&nbsp; This quiet operation vacuum has a power takeoff that allows the user to plug a power tool directly to the vacuum, eliminating the need for an extension cord and providing the ability to power up the vacuum by simply turning on the tool. The vacuum then runs for seven seconds after the tool is shut off to clearits hose of debris preventing clogs.</P><P>The ASR 35 is also available in a HEPA version for toxic dust applications.</P><P>For more information, visit: <A title= href="" target=_blank><STRONG title=></STRONG></A></P><h1>MONSTER DUMP TRAILER</H1><P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=monstertrailer src="" width=195 height=148></A>This trailer is a one-man hand crank dump trailer.</P><P> With the patented 2000lb front jack, you can easily dump rock, garbage, dirt, mulch, firewood or asphalt.</P><P> You can pull this trailer with your truck, car, ATV, or riding lawn mower.</P><P> This trailer will save you time and money. Think of the possibilities!</P><P> See the trailer in action at: <A title= href="" target=_blank><STRONG title=></STRONG></A><STRONG><A title= href="" target=_blank></A></STRONG></P><h1>NEW BYRD FLUSH TRIM HEAD FOR YOUR SHAPER</H1><P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=head src="" width=190 height=180></A> Do you do any pattern copying on your shaper?</P><P> If so, then check out this brand new item now available at Federated Tool.</P><P> This shear cut, low angle, segmented, carbide tipped cutterhead is 3" diameter, 2" wide with a 3/4" bore.</P><P> Dramatically reduce tearout when pattern copying!</P><P> $ 199.99, Bearing included.</P><P> <STRONG><A title= href=""></A></STRONG></P><h1>NEW RIKON AIR FILTERS</H1><P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=r2 src="" width=185 height=100></A> The new RIKON 61-1250 has two speed settings and a powerful 1/3HP motor that provides 800/1250 CFM of filtered air. <BR> <STRONG>The RIKON 61-1250 will scrub the air of a 30&rsquo;x30&rsquo;x10&rsquo; room 6 times per hour.</STRONG></P><P> The new RIKON 61-1600 has two speed settings and a powerful 1/2HP motor that provides 1000/1600 CFM of filtered air.<BR> <STRONG>The RIKON 61-1600 will scrub the air of a 40&rsquo;x40&rsquo;x10&rsquo; room 6 times per hour.</STRONG></P><P> The new RIKON 61-2400 has two speed settings and a powerful 3/4HP motor that provides 2400 CFM of filtered air. <BR> <STRONG>The RIKON 61-2400 will scrub the air of a 50&rsquo;x50&rsquo;x10&rsquo; room 6 times per hour.</STRONG></P><P> RIKON supports all their products with a 5-year warranty.&nbsp; </P><P> For more information on the products RIKON offers, please contact RIKON Power Tools at <STRONG>877-884-5167</STRONG> or at <A title= href="" target=_blank><STRONG title=></STRONG></A></P><h1>THREE NEW TOOLS FROM MILWAUKEE</H1><P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=milwaukeerach src="" width=43 height=167></A> <STRONG>MILWAUKEE INTRODUCES MOST COMPACT &amp; POWERFUL CORDLESS RATCHETS IN CLASS</STRONG></P><P>Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation continues to expand the versatility of their M12 LITHIUM-ION<BR> system with the introduction of the M12 Cordless 1/4&rdquo; and 3/8&rdquo; Ratchets. At only 10-3/4" long and 1.9<BR> lbs, these new tools are the most compact and powerful ratchets in their class, providing an ideal<BR> fastening solution for automotive mechanics and maintenance-repair professionals desiring maximum<BR> performance, portability and productivity.</P><P>More info at: <A title= href="" target=_blank><STRONG></STRONG></A></P><P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=milwaukeejig src="" width=190 height=183></A><STRONG>MILWAUKEE INTRODUCES M12 JIG SAW WITH NEW-TOWORLD HYBRID GRIP DESIGN</STRONG></P><P> Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation continues to expand the versatility of their M12&trade;<BR> LITHIUM-ION system with the introduction of the M12&trade; Cordless High PerformanceJig Saw.</P><P> Featuring a new-to-world Hybrid Grip design, the M12 Jig Saw combines the best features<BR> from both top handle and barrel grip jig saw designs to provide superior cut control and<BR> balance. At only 4.1 lbs and 8.75&rdquo; long, the M12&trade;Jig Saw is also the most compact, lightest<BR> weight professional cordless jig saw on the market today.</P><P>See more info at: <A href="" target=_blank><STRONG></STRONG></A></P><P><A href="" target=_blank> <IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=milwaukeeband src="" width=190 height=108></A><STRONG>MILWAUKEE INTRODUCES NEW DEEP CUT BAND SAWS WITH 2X MORE DURABILITY</STRONG></P><P> Milwaukee Tool Corporation continues to demonstrate a focused commitment on corded<BR> product with the launch of four new Deep Cut Band Saws that provide 2X more durability while<BR> still delivering on the heritage of long-term reliability and performance that make Milwaukee<BR> Band Saws the industry standard for professional tradesmen.</P><P> The new Band Saws also deliver best-in-class power, revolutionary cut visibility and the industry&rsquo;s largest cut capacity.</P><P> More information at: <STRONG><A href="" target=_blank></A></STRONG></P><h1>CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS</H1><P><IMG style="FLOAT: left" alt=woodchuck src="" width=190 height=132>Volunteers are needed for the K-W Woodworking Show, March16-18, 2012.</P><P>Many positions available - please contact Kathy, the show promoter, to findout more.</P><P>You can send Kathy an email, letting her know of your interest, by clicking <A href=" nterested%20in%20finding%20out%20more%20about%20vo lunteering%20at%20the%20K-W%20Woodworking%20Show" target=_blank><STRONG>HERE</STRONG></A></P><h1>In This Issue of Canadian Woodworking &amp; Home Improvement Magazine</h1><p>Each issue, Canadian Woodworking and Home Improvement Magazine brings you a range of woodworking projects, techniques and tips that will help to improve your woodworking skills. Visit <a href=";utm_medium=email&amp;utm_campa ign=[SUBJECT]"></a> to subscribe.</p><img style="float: left;" alt="dj12lite" src="" height="229" width="173" /><h2>In the February/March '12 Issue:</h2> <h3>Features:</h3><ul> <li> Make an Elegant Tea-Light Holder</li> <li> Build a Sundial</li> <li> Build a Workshop Spray Booth</li></ul><h3>Also:</h3><ul> <li> Spray Finishing Tips</li> <li> Installing Interior Doors</li> <li>HVLP Sprayer Review</li></ul></div>
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