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    <div class="CWW_Newsletter"> <p><IMG style="FLOAT: left" alt=menewsletter src="" width=85 height=120>Once again, Canadian Woodworking's magazine editor Rob Brown has pulled off another themed issue that is getting great reviews from many of our readers. If you haven't already seen it, be sure to check out our April/May'12 <STRONG>'Design and Build'</STRONG> issue.</p> <p>If you get a chance, I'd love to hear from you about what you think of the issue. I'm interested because recently we have moved away from our past focus on projects, and instead we are moving towards more of a focus on project design. Hopefully giving you the skills you need to then design and build the projects you want.</p> <p>Please let me know if you think we are heading in the right direction.</p> <p>Thanks!</p> <p>Paul<BR> PS to email me, please <A ect=Reader%20Feedback href=" ect=Reader%20Feedback" target=_blank>CLICK HERE</A> </p> <H1>ALL NEW TORONTO WOODWORKING SHOW</H1> <P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=tologosm src="" width=190 height=61></A> <STRONG>MARK YOUR CALENDARS</STRONG>...... </P> <P>There is something new and exciting happening this November in Toronto!</P> <P>The all new <STRONG>Toronto Woodworking Show &amp; Sale</STRONG> will be held&nbsp; <STRONG>November 9, 10, 11, 2012</STRONG> at the <STRONG>International Centre</STRONG>.</P> <P>No matter what your skill level, you&rsquo;ll find what you need to become a better woodworker. With over 30 seminars and hands-on workshops running all weekend, this is a must-attend event. Woodworking is at the heart of this show! Learn from the best &nbsp;- seminars range from Table Saw Tune Ups through to French Polishing Techniques for the beginner and expert alike.</P> <P><STRONG>The Toronto Woodworking Show &amp; Sale</STRONG> is a can&rsquo;t-miss weekend. It&rsquo;s a great way to meet fellow woodworkers, and see the latest in woodworking tools. All the major tool manufactures will be present and ready to explain, demo and help you!</P> <P>See additional at: <A title= href="" target=_blank></A></P> <H1>14" DELUXE BAND SAW - CRAFTEX CX SERIES</H1> <P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=bbbs src="" width=190 height=361></A>The CX104 is loaded with features from top to bottom! <P>This band saw is equipped with a solid one piece upper frame steel body, a powerful 1HP motor and features a 14&rdquo; x 18&rdquo; work table. With resaw capacity at 7&rdquo;, precision balanced cast iron wheels and 2 working speeds, there isn&rsquo;t much this saw can&rsquo;t handle. <P>Other features include quick tension release, large ON/OFF switch, upper and lower blade guides, tilting table and overall high quality construction. Like all CX-Series machines, this unit features powder coated paint, sharp looking two tone colours and a full 3 year warranty. Upper body solid one piece steel frame construction. Precision Balanced Cast Iron Wheels Quick Release Blade Tension Lever&nbsp; Precision Ground Tilting Table&nbsp; <P>Includes a blade and Solid Miter Gauge Upper and Lower Blade Guides&nbsp; Powder Coated Two Tone paint.<BR> Warranty: 3 YearsModel # CX104 <P>Sale Price - $ 659<BR> Regular Price &ndash; $ 799</P> <P>See all the details here: <A title= href="" target=_blank></A></P> <H1>FESTOOL DUPLEX NOW AVAILABLE AT KMS</H1> <P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=dupkms src="" width=190 height=161></A><STRONG>Festool Duplex LS 130</STRONG></P> <P>The Festool LS 130 EQ makes sanding faster, easier and smarter when it comes to edges and profiles that require linear motion sanding. If you&rsquo;ve ever had to sand a handrail or crown joints, you&rsquo;ll appreciate how the LS 130 handles profiles with either their preformed perforated pads or you can create your own with their custom pad kit. On top of all that, it can also be used on flat surfaces. The LS 130 packs a kick at 2.2 amps and is variable speed (4,000-6,000spm). It is designed to work with Festool&rsquo;s dust extractors to offer the cleanest possible finish. </P> <P>For more info, contact <STRONG>KMS Tools</STRONG> at 1-800-567-8979, or go to: <A title= href="" target=_blank></A></P> <H1>FESTOOL NOW AVAILABLE AT LEE VALLEY</H1> <P><A title=;p=105 href=";p=105" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title=;p=105 alt=festlv src="" width=185 height=183></A>Lee Valley Tools is proud to add Festool power tools to their line. </P> <P>Although new to Lee Valley, Festool has been building well-engineered, excellent-quality tools since 1929.</P> <P>Festool's precision craftsmanship and attention to detail have helped make it one of the most highly regarded tool companies in the world. Designed and manufactured in Germany, these products are built to last. Festool's reputation has been built on a history of innovation &mdash; from the ergonomic design of their tools to the solid guarantees customers can rely on after choosing a Festool product.</P> <P>These tools are&nbsp;available for purchase on the Lee Valley website, by phone, fax or mail order, and now at any of the Lee Valley retail stores across Canada.</P> <P>More info at: <A title=;p=105 href=";p=105" target=_blank><SPAN style="TEXT-DECORATION: underline" title=;p=105><STRONG title=;p=105></STRONG></SPAN></A></P> <H1>MINI DUST CYCLONE KIT - CRAFTEX BLUE TORNADO</H1> <P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=b3069 src="" width=190 height=151></A>For use with most common shop vacuums, this mini cyclone tank will eliminate virtually all dust particles from your shop without clogging your shop vac filter. </P> <P> Turn your small shop vac into a power cyclonic system with this complete kit from Craftex Blue Tornado. The cyclonic effect ensures that 99% of all dust particles get trapped into the tank before it can reach your vacuum filter. The translucent 6 gallon tank allows you to view contents at all times and is mounted onto 4 castors for ease of use. </P> <P> Designed to fit most common shop vacuums. </P> <P> More info at: <A title= href="" target=_blank><SPAN style="TEXT-DECORATION: underline" title=><STRONG title=></STRONG></SPAN></A></P> <H1>SAW STOP SALE AT BRETTWOOD</H1> <P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=sslogo src="" width=116 height=76></A><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=brett src="" width=179 height=76></A>Now is the time to buy a SawStop</P> <P>Buy a 3.0HP or 1.75HP Professional Cabinet Saw by April 30, 2012, and you receive an Integrated Mobile Base OR Overarm Dust Collection, FREE!</P> <P>For more info, see: <A title= href="" target=_blank></A></P> <H1>MUSICAL INSTRUMENT PROJECT KITS FROM GRIZZLY</H1> <P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=grizmus2 src="" width=90 height=70></A>Grizzly&rsquo;s current line of musical instrument kits are extremely popular, with them selling thousands every year.&nbsp; </P> <P> Check out the customer reviews on and see the photos that customers have sent in with their completed musical instruments. &nbsp;They are very impressive!</P> <P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=grizmus1 src="" width=90 height=75></A>Now, at the request of their customers, Grizzly has come out with two new Ukulele Kits in 2012 that no doubt they will be just as popular.</P> <P> The T10457 is a mahogany concert ukulele kit, and the T10458 is a soprano ukulele kit.</P> <P> More info, photos, and reviews, see: <A title= href="" target=_blank></A></P> <H1>NORMAND HOSTS WOODWORKER'S WEEKENDS</H1> <P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=normanlogo src="" width=190 height=196></A><STRONG>If you are:</STRONG><BR> - a woodworker<BR> - a professional craftsman<BR> - a serious DIYer</P> <P> <STRONG>You will find:</STRONG><BR> - Expert advice<BR> - New Products<BR> - Demonstrations<BR> - Manufacturers' reps<BR> - Great savings</P> <P> <STRONG>Levis, PQ</STRONG><BR> April 13 to 15</P> <P><STRONG>Sherbrooke, PQ</STRONG><BR> May 4 to 6</P> <P>For details, see: <A title= href="" target=_blank></A></P> <H1>NEW DOUBLE SIDED DIAMOND WHETSTONE FROM TRENT</H1> <P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=trendpic1 src="" width=185 height=168></A>Trend Routing Technology has introduced a new double sided precision 6&quot; x 2&quot; diamond whetstone to the North American market.</P> <P>&ldquo;We have had phenomenal success with the 8&rdquo; x 3&rdquo; Classic Professional Diamond Whetstone with the wood turning market stated Neil McMillan, Global Product Development Manager for Trend Machinery and Cutting Tools&rdquo;. McMillan continued, &ldquo;However; our research showed that the carving market and many cabinet shops do not need the full size (and expense) of the Classic Professional stone. McMillan concluded by stating, &ldquo;Now carvers, wood turners and cabinetmakers can sharpen smaller tooling such as CPM4 tips for coring tools, M2 and M4 tips for hollowing, carbide tipped turning tools, carbide and HSS inserts an at an affordable price point. This will open the world of Trend diamond sharpening to so many more woodworkers.&rdquo;</P> <P>The Trend 6&rdquo; x 2&rdquo; double-sided diamond whetstone (DWS/W6/FC) is pre-ground to +/- 0.0005&rdquo;. It is manufactured using monocrystalline diamond which is electro plated to a heavy-duty carbon steel base. The coarse side employs a 300 grit diamond whilst a 1000 grit diamond is utilized on the fine side. The fine grit size (15 micron) suits the optimum finish requirement for the wood carving market.</P> <P> The retail price of the Trend (DWS/W6/FC) is $ 79 and it is available through authorized Trend diamond sharpening distributors, including <A title= href="" target=_blank></A> and <A title= href="" target=_blank></A></P> <P>More info at: <A title=*DWS_W6_FC/2/31/bench_stone_double_sided_finecoarse_6x2x516_inch_. html href="*DWS_W6_FC/2/31/bench_stone_double_sided_finecoarse_6x2x516_inch_. html" target=_blank></A></P> <H1>NEW 12" DISK SANDER FROM GRIZZLY</H1> <P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=grizsand src="" width=190 height=185></A>This no nonsense 12&rdquo; Disc Sander (G0724) includes its own dust collection bag for minimum dust nuisance making it the ideal disc sander for bench top use. Its ground aluminum table tilts from 0 to &ndash;45 degree and a handy miter gauge lets you sand any compound angle. The 12&rdquo; aluminum disc accepts all 12&rdquo; PSA sanding discs and the lock-out paddle switch is conveniently located for easy use.</P> <P>For more info, go to: <A title= href="" target=_blank></A></P> <H1>MAGNETIC COMBINATION SQUARE FROM BORA</H1> <P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=bora1 src="" width=190 height=190></A>BORA, a product division of Affinity Tool Works, introduces its new Magnetic Combination Square hand tool. Featuring a magnetic locking system and durable, quality construction, the Combination Square is a professional-grade tool, suitable for a variety of applications including carpentry, general construction and remodeling, woodworking, and do-it-yourself projects.</P> <P> Designed to be a convenient solution for several tasks, the Combination Square is ideal for joint layout, machine setup/checking, and level/plumb determination. It can also be used as a height, depth or marking gauge.</P> <P> As with all BORA tools, the Combination Square is backed by the company&rsquo;s lifetime warranty.</P> <P>See BORA's full line of tools here: <A title= href="" target=_blank></A></P> <H1>NEW BOSCH COMPACT DUTY CORDLESS DRILL/DRIVERS</H1> <P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=ddb180 src="" width=190 height=234></A>Bosch Power Tools &amp; Accessories introduces the Compact Class 18-Volt Drill/Driver (DDB180) and the 18-Volt Hammer Drill/Driver (HDB180). <P> The Compact series achieves a new level of performance in an extremely lightweight package, offering the size and weight of some competitive 12-Volt class tools with 18-Volt power and run-time. Additionally, users get the opportunity to get into the rapidly expanding 18-Volt lithium-ion platform from Bosch. The chance to add a hammer drill mode is icing on the cake. <P>The HDB180 offers the most compact and lightweight design in the category with an 8-inch head length and a weight of 3.2-pounds. Providing 360-inch-pounds of max torque, the HDB180 can generate up to 21,000 beats per minute (BPM) and has two speed settings: high <A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=hdb180 src="" width=190 height=209></A>torque (0-500 RPM) for larger spade bits or high speed (0-1,450 RPM) for smaller diameter bits. In addition, the Hammer Drill mode is great for drilling into brick or mortar without penalizing the user with significant size and weight increases. Sinking Tapcon anchors just got a lot more convenient! <P>Both tools are compatible with Bosch&rsquo;s exclusive Flexible Power System, enabling users to choose between either the 18-Volt Litheon SlimPack or Fat Pack platforms depending upon the application at hand.</P> <P>The DDB180-02 and HDB180-02 come standard with two SlimPack batteries, a 45-minute charger and a sturdy hard-sided storage case. Both are also available as bare tools, without batteries and charger, and are covered by Bosch&rsquo;s industry-best cordless tool warranty, they are now available through authorized retailers nationwide.</P> <P>See more info at: <A title= href="" target=_blank></A></P> <H1>NEW LEIGH SUPER FMT FRAME MORTISE AND TENON JIG</H1> <P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=fmt1 src="" width=190 height=125></A>The Super FMT Does it All</P> <P> The mortise &amp; tenon is the strongest and most versatile of woodworking joints. With the Super FMT and a plunge router, every woodworker can easily produce this incredible joint with unmatched accuracy and speed. The Super FMT's design is based on the original and incomparable FMT. The same great features produce the same great joints.</P> <P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=fmt2 src="" width=190 height=105></A>Simplicity is the Key</P> <P> The Super FMT uses just one bit, one guide and one setup for every standard joint. It&rsquo;s that easy. There are no bit or guide changes to fuss with and the setup stays the same for both parts of the joint. Joint fit is easily adjusted for perfect results every time. Super FMT guides and bits allow you to create any size mortise &amp; tenon from a tiny 1/16" x 1/8" to a massive 1/2" x 5".</P> <P> More info at: <A title= href="" target=_blank></A></P> <H1>NORTHERN ALBERTA WOOD CARVERS HOST ANNUAL SHOW</H1> <P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=carvlogo src="" width=150 height=135></A>The 29th annual<STRONG><BR> Wood Carving Show, Sale, and Competition</STRONG><STRONG><BR> Duggan Community Hall</STRONG><STRONG><BR> April 28 &amp; 29th</STRONG></P> <P>The admission is <STRONG>FREE</STRONG>, <BR> and so is the parking!</P> <P>For show details, go to: <A title= href="" target=_blank></A></P> <H1>11th ANNUAL MADE OF WOOD SHOW</H1> <P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=mow src="" width=190 height=161></A>The Made of Wood Show, a juried show and sale will take place at the Alton Mill Arts Centre from April 21 &ndash; May 13. </P> <P> Categories: Cabinetry, Marquetry , Turning, Sculptural, Wood Engraving,&nbsp; Highly Functional (Bows, Arrows, Canoes, musical instruments etc.).</P> <P><STRONG>Opening Reception</STRONG><BR> Saturday April 21, 1-4pm</P> <P><STRONG>Demonstrations and Seminars</STRONG><BR> Saturday and Sunday May 5-6</P> <P> See more info at: <A title= href="" target=_blank></A></P> <H1>BOSCH INTRODUCES LIGHTWEIGHT, COMPACT ROTARY HAMMER</H1> <P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=brotham src="" width=155 height=159></A>The new RHS181 Compact Rotary Hammer&rsquo;s high performance motor offers increased power, extended tool lifetime and amplified stall torque &ndash; making it the most powerful compact SDS-plus 18V Li-Ion rotary hammer on the market. <P> The RHS181 also boasts superior ergonomics, improving handling and reducing user fatigue. Electronic Cell Protection combined with the new Bosch lithium-ion High Capacity(HC) 3.0Ah Fat Pack Battery deliver unmatched runtime, empowering users to drill over 100 1/4&rdquo;x 2&rdquo; &ndash; 1/2&ldquo; holes per battery charge. <P> RHS181 comes with an SDS-plus chuck and delivers optimal performance when drilling the most common diameters, including 3/16-inch, 1/4-inch and ⅜-inch holes. The LED light illuminates dark work spaces. <P> The RHS181K Rotary Hammer kit comes with 1 Bosch Fat Pack Lithium-ion HC battery, boasting up to 50 percent more run time, cold weather performance in up to -4&deg;F temperatures, and an integrated battery fuel gauge. The optional Flexible Power System also allows the use of SlimPack batteries providing minimum weight. <P> To find out more, visit <A title= href="" target=_blank></A> <H1>METABO CORDLESS MAGNETIC DRILL PRESS</H1> <P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=pordrill src="" width=185 height=309></A>METABO is launching the world&rsquo;s first Cordless Magnetic Core Drill &ndash; the MAG28LTX. <P> <STRONG>Totally portable drilling.</STRONG><BR> Portable: 25.2v 3.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery <P>Permanent rare earth magnet, independent from battery power<BR> Two speed gear box<BR> Fast Charging Battery with fuel gauge<BR> V-base for use on flat or curved surfaces</P> <P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=pordrill2 src="" width=185 height=133></A><STRONG>Totally portable concrete drilling</STRONG><BR> Same battery platform as Metabo's cordless magnetic drill press<BR> 25.2V Lithium-ion 3/4" SDS plus Rotary Hammer.<BR> Perfectly balanced<BR> Fastest in it's class</P> <P> 3 year Battery and Charger Warranty</P> <P>See video at: <A title= href="" target=_blank></A></P> <H1>NEW MULTI-VOLTAGE CHARGER FROM MILWAUKEE</H1> <P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=image007 src="" width=229 height=187></A>Milwaukee Tool Corporation continues to deliver productivity-enhancing solutions to the professional tradesman with the introduction of the M18 &amp; M12 Multi-Voltage Charger (48-59-1812). &nbsp;The new Energy Star rated unit will charge all M18 and M12 LITHIUM-ION batteries sequentially, allowing the user to put both packs on the charger and walk away confident that they will be ready for their next job.</P> <P> Available in March 2012, the new Multi-Voltage Charger will be included with the M18 FUEL Drill Driver and Hammer Drill Driver, sold as an optional accessory and will also transition into several M18 kits throughout the year. The new unit will charge M18 or M12 compact batteries in 30 minutes and extended capacity (XC) batteries in 60 minutes.</P> <P> More info at: <A title= href="" target=_blank></A></P> <H1>SKILLS CANADA-ONTARIO HOST HUGE EVENT AT RIM</H1> <P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=skills src="" width=191 height=54></A><STRONG>What</STRONG><BR> Canada's Largest Skilled Trades Competition with 63 Contests over 340,000sq.ft. of RIM Park</P> <P><STRONG> Who</STRONG><BR> Skills Canada-Ontario hosts 1,900 students from across Ontario competing for medals</P> <P><STRONG> When</STRONG><BR> April 30 &amp; May 1, 2012</P> <P> <STRONG>Where</STRONG><BR> RIM Park and Manulife Sportsplex<BR> 2001 University Ave. E., Waterloo</P> <P>1900 Ontario Students will compete in everything from aesthetics to aircraft maintenance, welding to web design.</P> <P> Skills Canada- Ontario has been hosting this Olympics-style skilled trades competition for 23 years, its biggest event in a full roster of programs designed to inspire young people to consider careers in the skilled trades and technologies. The OTSC also features a Career Exploration Showcase, with 60 interactive exhibit booths from industry, education and government. There is no charge for visitors to attend the event, the largest of its kind in Canada.</P> <P> Winners of gold, silver and bronze medals will be announced at the closing ceremonies at Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex on May 2, 2012. Top competitors will also be in line for several monetary awards sponsored by industry and professional associations. Competitors who win gold in most of the OTSC contests will advance to the Skills Canada National Competition in Edmonton May 13-16, 2012.</P> <P><STRONG>Categories of special interest to our readers include Cabinet Making and Carpentry<BR> FREE ADMISSION</STRONG></P> <P> More info at: <A title= href="" target=_blank></A></P> <H1>TORONTO TOOL OFFERS 'WOODWORKING TO GO'</H1> <P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=ttpic src="" width=190 height=142></A>Introducing professional tools for the woodworker on the go.</P> <P> The Pro-Cut 34, Pro-Cut 50, SRG-50 and Bench Top Series are easy to use, provide professional results and are available at affordable prices. The patent-pending design of the Pro-Cut are true all-in-one precision woodworking tools that are sure to exceed your expectations. </P> <P> To learn more, watch the short demonstration videos <A title= href="" target=_blank><SPAN style="TEXT-DECORATION: underline" title=>HERE</A></P> <P><A title= href="" target=_blank><IMG style="FLOAT: left" title= alt=ttpic2 src="" width=190 height=103></A>See more info at:</P> <P>Workshop Supply <A title= href=""></A></P> <H1>In This Issue of Canadian Woodworking &amp; Home Improvement Magazine</H1> <P>Each issue, Canadian Woodworking and Home Improvement Magazine brings you a range of woodworking projects, techniques and tips that will help to improve your woodworking skills. Visit <A title=http://www.canadianwoodworking.comhref=";utm_medium=email&amp;utm_campa ign=[SUBJECT]"></A> to subscribe.</P> <IMG style="FLOAT: left" alt=am12 src="" width=217 height=283> <H2>In the April/May '12 Issue:</H2> <H3>Features:</H3> <UL> <li>Design and Build a Pergola</li> <li>7 Design Fundamentals</li> <li>Build a Wine Rack</LI> </UL> <H3>Also:</H3> <UL> <li>Focus on 4 World Class Furniture Makers</li> <li>14 Practical Steps to Furniture Design</li> <li>Design Project - Hall Table </LI> </UL><h1>&nbsp;</h1></div>
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