Japanese plane hira kanna 70mm - smoothing plane Hand Forged Blue Steel Aogami Signed "Takamasa"

Professionally restored, fully adjusted and ready to use.


This Japanese hira kanna, or smoothing plane, was made by a Japanese master blade maker and appears to be 50 years old or so. I bought this in Kyoto under the supervision of my Japanese Master Carpenters. The maker's signature mark on the main blade is Takamasa, and the chip-breaker is laminated. The blade is hand forged from Blue Steel Aogami laminated to softer steel with the same process as is used to make traditional Japanese samurai swords. You can easily see the layers of lamination between the different types of high carbon steel in the blade.

The blade has 4 marks on the face: left, center, center-bottom and top-right; and one one the back (picture 3).
The chip-breaker (cap iron) is laminated too and has nice hammered finish.
The body is Red oak (hon akagashi) - the most expensive body types that are made from in Japan. Only the body (which is in excellent condition) sells, new, in Japan for around $US80.

Also has a nice finished atama (head background) . From all that I can see, I can guess this kanna was an mid-upper level plane in Japan. That type of kanna usually sells, when new, for around 30,000 Yen in Japan (about $300), and considerably more in the Western world.

The red oak body is in excellent condition. The body (dai) was flattened and adjusted with 2-points method - for finishing.

This plane is in my heated shop for 2 years – so the body had the time to adjust to North-American climate. All the adjustments were done after the wood acclimatized (the end grain was repeatedly covered with oil, shellac and wax over this period). The mouth is small and tight (picture 4)

The blade has plenty of life and lamination left – it is almost full length. The blade was sharpened on my Japanese Natural stones; it is in very good condition and ready to use. There is no damage or rust.
The chip-breaker also was flattened, sharpened and adjusted and is in excellent shape.

Overall, this kanna is in excellent condition and ready for use.

About L 11 3/8" (290mm) X W3 7/16" (87mm) X H1 3/8" (34mm).
Main Blade:
About 4 7/16" (113mm), Width 2 3/4” (70mm),
Cutting edge is about W2 9/16" (66mm).

The laminated steel and iron blade is very stout compared to western planes and the blade is about 500 grams heavy (18 oz).

Pick up close to 427 & QEW https://goo.gl/maps/NYjWX3UPPU22