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Rockwell Tablesaw w/Freud Router

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  • Rockwell Tablesaw w/Freud Router

    Up for sale is this tablesaw / router combination, on a mobile stand with integrated cabinet + drawers. I've used it for 7 years to build everything from credenzas to cutting boards to cabinets, but I've upgraded to a larger saw and don't have room in my small shop for everything, so this one has to go.

    The tablesaw is a 9" Rockwell Delta 6201 with a 1HP/15A 110V/220V motor. I've cut everything from full plywood sheets to 6/4 maple and walnut on the saw and it rarely bogs down - it's quite powerful! It has a link belt, so it passes the nickel test with ease. I've also upgraded the fence to a Mule Accusquare fence - you can take it off as much as you want and every time it goes back on, it's perfectly square to the blade with the 0.001" toe-out that I've set up. Overall rip capacity is 48" to the right of the blade.

    The router is a 3.25hp Freud FT2000E. It includes a 1/2" and 1/4" collet and a bushing set, has a large aluminum plate as the interface with the table, and has done anything I've ever asked of it. You can use the Accusquare fence to guide pieces along, or you can use the shop-built fence with integrated vacuum port, which quickly and easily attaches/detaches from the table. It connects into a switched outlet in the base, so you only have one 110V power cord for the whole unit.

    The whole thing moves with ease on the rolling cabinet, and there are drawers with integrated bit storage. I'll include my blades for it as well, which includes a quality Dimar blade. Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

    Located in Toronto (downtown), asking $600
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    Re: Rockwell Tablesaw w/Freud Router

    Bumping this with a forums-only price of $500!
    It's the perfect setup for anyone just starting out...