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    I'm starting a 5-year purge of my workshop items, starting with items that I rarely, if ever, use any more. Although not always pictured, there are manuals with most items. I'll post a separate thread for some non-powered items. Location -- SW Oakville.


    1. PC Biscuit Joiner Model 557, includes close to 700 biscuits of all 4 sizes. $125

    2. BOSCH ½-Sheet Orbital Sander Model 1288D, 10000 OPM. $35

    3. MILWAUKEE SAWZALL, Model 6507-21, 0 - 6000. $70

    4. RYOBI Detail Sander DS-1000, 7600 SPM, 0.24A. $5

    5. DELTA Scroll Saw, Model 40-560C,16", includes Quick Release, plus several blades. $65
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