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Dewalt DW7352 Planer Blades

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  • Dewalt DW7352 Planer Blades

    Good evening,

    I have a Dewalt DW735 cutter head, 3 new sets of Dewalt HSS knives, 2 used set of Dewalt HSS knives, and 1 new set of Holbren Carbide knives, all for the DW735 lunchbox planer.

    The Dewalt DW735 cutter head with bearings used for less than 1 year - your cost free.

    3 new sets of Dewalt HSS knives in the package, current retail price $70 each [$210 total] - your cost $75. Basically buy one get 2 free

    2 used sets of knives, one currently mounted in the cutter head with some life left. Two of the 3 knives of the 2nd used set have been sharpened. Just never got around to the third. - your cost free

    1 set of new Carbide tipped knives from Holbren, retail cost $160 US- your cost $75. Last 10 times longer than conventional

    Originally I kept the head and blades as I intended to build a 12-inch jointer like the one on woodgears but that will not happen.

    So, total retail value $400 CDN+ - your cost everything as a package for a total cost of $150 CAN.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_1023.jpg Views:	1 Size:	52.9 KB ID:	958924

    Holbren carbide blades came loose and I put them into the Dewalt package on the right.

    Sorry, pickup in Etobicoke, Ontario. Text 416-996-9082 if interested.

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    Re: Dewalt DW7352 Planer Blades

    PM sent.
    Bill May


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      Re: Dewalt DW7352 Planer Blades

      Good morning Bill,

      I sent you a reply that March 8 pickup is fine. I just do not want to send it by post.