Anyone that owns and uses a rigid oscillating spindle sander!

I can get a good price on sanding sleeves but the quantities are large

Its from Master Finishing - quantities are boxes of 25
Prices range from $3 for a 3/4" to $5 for 2"

Half the price of busy bee!!

Is anyone interested in splitting an order with me?
The more the merrier

I'm not looking to make money off this but a box of 25 will dry out and split before I can use it.
I might use 5 a year.

I was planning on ordering:

1 box of 3/4 inch 120 grit

1 box of 1 inch 120 grit

1 box of 2 inch 120 grit

If anyone is interested in some let me know!!

I'll order them and split up the packages then send them to you

Again, I'm not looking to make a profit at this.

I'll charge what I paid plus shipping to you.