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Looking for a 9" or 10" Bandsaw

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  • Looking for a 9" or 10" Bandsaw

    I'm looking for a nice used Grizzly G0803 or a Delta Shopmaster or a King Canada or a Beaver 2300.
    If you have one please send me a message!
    Thanks and kind regards,
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    Re: Looking for a 9" or 10" Bandsaw

    the beaver would be the best of that lot, by a huge margin

    the 2300 is actually a 12 inch, no plastic or potmetal, built to last a liifetime.

    another option in the "antique" catagory and nearly as nice as the beaver is the craftmaster by henry power tools(london ontario)

    the only disadvantage of the older saws is that the motor is mounted separately on the stand instead of the integral motor of the modern machines, so their not nearly as portable. on the otherhand you're not stuck with a crappy little motor either

    i've had both, wish id kept the beaver!!
    my shop is a beaver lodge
    steve, sarnia, ont

    1940's Craftmaster Lathe


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      Re: Looking for a 9" or 10" Bandsaw

      Hello Steven,

      Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it!

      I been looking for a while for a nice Bandsaw but the only nice ones I've found were already sold or too expensive. Hopefully soon ill find one!