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Old 12" Radial Arm Saws [Edmonton]

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  • Old 12" Radial Arm Saws [Edmonton]

    I have 2 Radial Arm saws i would like to sell.

    The first is an old 1.5hp Dewalt 12" with a solid cast iron base and arm, 1" arbor, runs great, might need a paint job unless i eventually get to that. for that one im asking $250 and it comes with a few blades and an MFD table if anyone is interested.

    The second is a Rockwell 12" turret arm RAS with a motor starter box, runs great, might benefit from new bearings its 1.5hp and has and 5/8 arbor which is great because it can share my 8" dado stack and 10" saw blades. It has the balde lock knob but it might be missing the nut that goes inside the carriage. that part is only to lock the saw head for ripping which i don't actually do on my RAS, I'm asking $150 for that one. I actually have 2 of the these saws, if for some reason someone wanted 2 of them i would sell them both and keep the 12" dewalt.

    I also have a 9" dewalt RAS with the cast arm. it works great and has a good original green paint job. i was thinking about keeping this one for my basement shop but if someone was trying to be frank howarth Jr and wanted both dewalts i would be willing to sell it. $100. its in good working condition but the table has seen a LOT of use over the years. I plan to replace the table on it but have not gotten around to that yet.
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