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Cabinet Harware--amerock, onward ,stanley and brass hinges

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  • Cabinet Harware--amerock, onward ,stanley and brass hinges

    I have a large amount of various new hardware , difficult to show it all
    and some of it very vintage like the drawer locks with the old fashioned key
    And the one antique english handle I have over 300.00 in 5 cases (lone photo)
    A lot of the brass hinges are just bulk hinges I bought from a factory 20 yrs
    I also probably have some used hardware which from time to time I deliver to
    charity spots
    I am not asking for much money and this stuff is heavy to ship, but i would like
    to see about 5/8 gone in 2023
    I do not build cabinets or furniture any more , so hand full would suit me
    difficult to price but handles .50 ea in bulk hinges 1.00 in bulk knobs .50
    in bulk
    just email and i will price it
    Located kincardine ont canada ​
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