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  • Japanese plane ara-shiko-kanna jacl plane

    This Japanese ara-shiko-kanna, or jack plane, appears to be 50 years old or so. The maker's mark on the main blade is very legible, and the front is laminated. The chip-breaker is not laminated.

    The white oak body is in mostly good condition, but there is a little bit of damage along the front sole, but that does not affect the performance. The body (dai) was flattened and adjusted with 3-points method (like for a jointer plane - chu-shiko-kanna).

    This plane is in my heated shop for 2 years – so the body had the time to adjust to our North-American climate. All the adjustments were done only after the dai acclimatized to our environment (the end grain was repeatedly covered with oil, shellac and wax over this period). The mouth is small and tight for a jack plane – you can use as a smoother too.

    The blade has plenty of life and lamination left – it is almost full length. The blade was flattened and sharpened; it is in very good condition and ready to use. The main blade has a few spots of minor oxidation, but there is no damage or rust.
    The chip-breaker also was flattened and adjusted and is in good shape.
    The bed was flattened and adjusted and left intentionally a little bit too tight so you can make the adjustments to your liking.

    Overall, this kanna is very usable does not need any clean-up, and is ready for you to make any minor adjustments you might like.
    Body: About L 9 7/16" (240mm) X W2 3/4" (72mm) X H1 1/4" (33mm).
    Main Blade: About 4" (101mm), Width 2 ¼” (57mm), cutting edge is about W2" (52mm).
    The laminated steel and iron blade is very stout compared to western planes and the blade is about 300 grams heavy (0.66 lbs)
    $133. Private sale - no taxes.
    Pick up close to 427 & QEW

    Click image for larger version

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