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Stanley 90 Sweetheart rabbet plane pro tuned

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  • Stanley 90 Sweetheart rabbet plane pro tuned

    Stanley No 90 Sweetheart Bullnose plane, in excellent clean condition. It is a cabinetmaker's rabbet plane.
    I am a professional cabinetmaker and this plane is professionally tuned for use, the blade is sharpened - all ready to work.
    The bed is laped perfectly flat and the mouth is excellent, small size. Too many other adjustments to name them here.
    Original Stanley Sweetheart blade is almost full length
    Screw adjustment, adjustable mouth.
    It has a tiny screw inside to set the width of the mouth and a larger screw on top to clear blockages easily.
    No rust, no pitting anywhere. Very nice condition.
    You won't find a Bullnose rabbet plane so ready to go, unless you buy a new Veritas or Lie Nielsen.
    A must have for mortise and tenon work.


    Pick up very close to QEW & 427

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