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Potter Request... (Beaver Band saw)

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  • Potter Request... (Beaver Band saw)

    I didn't see a spot in the Swap Meet for potter requests, and I figured I'd get the most exposure here. Apologies if I missed the appropriate section of the forum.

    For a couple of years now I've been passively searching for a full size Beaver band saw (3800 I think) that wasn't ridiculously price >200. Well there's one that has popped up in the Belleville area, and was wondering if someone would be willing to pick this up for me. It's a few hours from me so I wouldn't be able to make the trip within this week, and odds are it will be gone soon, if I haven't already set myself up to be sniped by posting

    To that end, here's the ad:

    If someone can help me out, I'd appreciate it greatly. Just to hopefully put the odds in my favour. The goal is to mod the beaver into a ship saw. If someone here is kind enough to do the initial leg work for me, I'd post the "restro-mod" here.

    PM me...

    Thanks all for your time.

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    Re: Potter Request... (Beaver Band saw)

    The ad says that the saw is a 10" Beaver. I believe that that saw has plastic wheels. You might want to verify that they are not warped before going any further.


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      Re: Potter Request... (Beaver Band saw)

      I did write the seller, as I wasn't familiar with a 10" beaver band saw. I asked him if the saw was a casting or sheet metal body. He said it was cast, and heavy...

      I kinda just assumed he was guessing at the 10" description.



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        Re: Potter Request... (Beaver Band saw)

        This is not a rucker request. I would like someone to pick up and hold on to the band saw while I go to them to pick it up.

        The hope is to not lose out on the item. Not have it brought to me.

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          Re: Potter Request... (Beaver Band saw)

          Can't help ya on the rucker and potter, sorry. But I believe the bandsaw your looking is the 3300 model. The 10" beaver bandsaw is cast with a tin door. I have been looking for a complete one as well and have been led on my these pictureless kijiji adds. When in this situation I've sent Google links of the images to the seller to confirm it's the right tool. So far that hasn't happened for me. Good luck with your search.


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            Re: Potter Request... (Beaver Band saw)

            How about this one. Not sure where you are so it might be a hike to get it.

            Kijiji: Beaver Band Saw

            Please view this ad:

            Beaver Band Saw,

            Price: $ 75

            Download the application from the Google Play Store.


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