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International Rucker wanted - New Zealand to Australia

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  • International Rucker wanted - New Zealand to Australia

    Hi all. I'm looking for a rucker to take some Wadkin parts to Camozy in New South Wales, Australia.

    I'm in Wellington, New Zealand. Camozy is in Morisset NSW (north of Sydney), Australia.

    There are a number of items totaling 6.5kg (~15lb). But help with even a few parts would save Camozy a LOT of postage cost. The largest single item weighs in at 3.5kg (~8lb). Camo is in no hurry, so if you're travelling internationally over the next 6 months or so, and have spare baggage allowance, help would be appreciated.

    Just a thought on international ruckering - the rucker needs to be able to declare that he/she has packed the items themselves, so packages should not be sealed until they've reached the country they're intended for. I've read too many stories of people being suckered into carrying drugs etc. We want to be ruckers, not mules.

    Cheers, Vann.
    Proud member of the Wadkin Blockhead Club.
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