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Marples Pozidrve Screwdrivers

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  • Marples Pozidrve Screwdrivers

    I've become a dedicated convert to English-pattern handles, so when I learned Marples made a Pozidrive series I immediately purchased a #2 to use at work to replace my worn-out Blum-branded driver from Lee Valley.

    Marples Cabinet-style Pozidrive Screwdrivers:

    The handle's well shaped and comfortable, but I was immensely annoyed to see the lathe centre left on the tool handle.

    I was even more annoyed to learn there isn't a single Canadian distributor for these, so while the cost of the driver itself was comparable to the Blum-branded driver from Lee Valley, the shipping added an extra few dollars to the cost from a UK vendor (GMT-CT Ltd, aka The Hardware Imporium).

    Regardless, I'm still reasonably happy with the purchase and thought I would recommend them to the like-minded

    ...though in the future I may just cut the shank off a generic driver and turn my own handle.
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    Re: Marples Pozidrve Screwdrivers

    I have an assortment of different brands and I find the ones from Hafele that have the soft grip handles are my favourite. Most of the time my favourite is the first one I can find. I also like the free ones the hardware people give away at trade shows.
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      Re: Marples Pozidrve Screwdrivers

      Originally posted by mynameisusername View Post
      (in part)...though in the future I may just cut the shank off a generic driver and turn my own handle.
      I am making rosewood and brass handles for the Lee Valley screwdriver shanks that are similar to the handles on your Posidrive screwdrivers because I really liked the form of those handles on Gramp's antique ones. Might I suggest that you consider removing the handles to salvage the shanks rather than cutting them off if you want to make your own screwdrivers? There is nothing left to interface with the wood on a cut-off shank so you would have to rely on adhesion of epoxy or similar to both the shaft and the wood plus the screwdriver blade will be foreshortened which is not the most satisfactory form for a screwdriver IMO.

      Something to consider if you please