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Accolades to H.N.T. Gordon

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  • Accolades to H.N.T. Gordon

    With some recents posts on vendor disappointments, I thought about my own experiences dealing with a wide range of tool companies over the years, both small and large. I think it's fair to say, the bigger the company, the more likely "policies" are enacted to handle customer requests and complaints. It's just the nature of the beast. Whereas, with small manufacturers of woodworking tools, the customer satisfaction is paramount. Each complaint or situation is handled usually by the owner. A business success and reputation are at stake. The customer in most circumstances benefits.

    A recent example is this shoulder plane I bought from HNT Gordon about 15 years ago. It broke after I used it a few times, but instead of returning it, I glued it back together. (I know ... what was I thinking). Now, this is not my "go to" shoulder plane and after the repair it got used rather infrequently. But, just recently I needed the 1/2" width aspect of this plane and sure enough it broke again, right on my glue line. I couldn't see how regluing it would work and so I contacted HNT Gordon to ask about advice on a suitable repair. After all maybe they have had this show up with other customers. To my surprise, they offered to replace the plane at no cost .... keep in mind I have had this for 15 years! Now that's service.
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