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Bailey #6 - is it ok?

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  • Bailey #6 - is it ok?

    I'm wondering if this is worth saving or not - Do you think the damage to the opening will have much impact? I'm also missing the handle and a couple of small parts, does anyone know where I could get them? Is this more of a looking plane? (meaning its only good for looking at) Thanks

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    Re: Bailey #6 - is it ok?

    Damage behind the mouth is less critical than damage in front of it. That said, yours seems to have a few other issues so while it could be put to work I would probably be seeking an alternative. The #6 is a useful size in my opinion and good for jointing stock under 3 or 4 feet.
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      Re: Bailey #6 - is it ok?

      Replacement tote and knob can be found on eBay; search for Stanley plane should bring up some results. If you can't find the other bits and pieces, consider acquiring another Bailey plane and scavage parts from both to make one good plane. This plane can be restored, but it's going to take some effort on your part to tune it up as a useful tool. I agree with above comments left by Jim.
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        Re: Bailey #6 - is it ok?

        The tote & knob from a No5 should be easily found will fit the plane. The chip is not that important. As other have said good bones and a useful plane for the shop.