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  • Tools of the Trade Show

    How did you all make out ? Good stuff or rusty chipped users ? I was disappointed at the quality of the planes for sale. Some I recognized as having been offered for sale two years ago .
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    Re: Tools of the Trade Show

    I picked up a package of NOS hacksaw blades, a wooden spokeshave, and a couple of big gouges.

    The gouges are going to be for pole lathe turning. I ground and honed them last night and gave them a spin on some rather dry maple on my pole lathe. They both worked, the heavier one seemed to work better.

    The spokeshave needed sharpening, which only took about 10 minutes. I think I need to trim the bedding on the shave body a tiny bit, as I cannot get a very fine shaving. I like to be able to adjust it down to very light cuts for final passes. I tries it on some very dry red oak, and it did tolerably well, but as I said, unable to pull a really fine shaving.

    A bunch of us went to the local pub for lunch and came back for another pass through the hall before hitting the road. The dealers I spoke with seemed to be reasonably happy with the turnout and the sales. I think the Tool Of The Day may have been hammers this time.

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      Re: Tools of the Trade Show

      I got an old split-nut R H Smith saw (with the crazy beaver medallion), a set of gauge nuts for my builder's square, and a bow drill (don't see those very often), all for reasonable prices. It was a bit crowded when I arrived 1/2 hour after opening, but that thinned out eventually. Well worth the trip just to see that much old tool stuff in one place, and the Sellers had a good variety of interesting items tempting me to buy more stuff I don't need.