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How to fix drawknife?

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  • How to fix drawknife?

    The drawknife below was my grandfather's. I've sharpened the blade and used it, and it works just fine... however, as noted in the pictures, the one handle isn't solidly attached anymore and can be easily removed.

    How should I fix this?

    It's not really clear to me how it's supposed to be attached.


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    Re: How to fix drawknife?

    Just from looking at it the metal spool may be driven onto the blade making the tenons grip the tang??? Terminology???

    Over time the wood handle tenons may have been worn down and will no longer be forced tight to the tang. A thin wood wedge or strip placed on the outside of the tenons might solve the problem.
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      Re: How to fix drawknife?

      How about PL Premium and a spritz of water ?


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        Re: How to fix drawknife?

        2parts 5 minutes epoxy
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          Re: How to fix drawknife?

          The tang was just driven into a hole drilled or burned into the grip; yours has been compressed and worn over the years. It is easily restored provided that the wood of the grip is not rotted. I would follow Egon's advice to use wooden shims to force a tight fit. The grip will need to be hammered into place (use a wooden mallet not an actual hammer); if you can force it into place by hand pressure alone, it is too loose. If the grip is at all rotted, you will need to remove any rot with a rasp and will probably need to glue the wood shims into place inside the grip.

          You could glue it into place but it not be authentic to the way such articles would have been repaired and, if the wood in the grip is at all rotted, it won't last anyway.

          My 2 cents