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Using a brace with a large bit...

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  • Using a brace with a large bit...

    Often when a have a large bit in a brace I get to a point where i cant drill any more. At that point the lead screw has nothing else to dig into (the lead screw hole is stripped) and no longer pulls the bit into the wood.

    How can I prevent this from happening or recover from it when it does happen?


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    Re: Using a brace with a large bit...

    I would wonder whether you are you are using the right bit for the type of wood, and whether it is sharp enough.

    For soft woods, including green wood, you want a bit with an aggressive coarse thread on the lead screw.

    However, for seasoned hardwood, you want a fine thread on the lead screw so that it is not attempting to cut so fast, and you want the cutting edges to be correctly sharpened.

    My guess is you are using a softwood bit in hardwood and it may be stripping the lead screw, or else you need a sharper bit. Pictured below is an Auger bit file from Lee Valley, which is what you want to use for sharpening the cutting edges.

    Click image for larger version

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      Re: Using a brace with a large bit...

      Jeff, drill a pilot hole first, with a drill bit a tad smaller that the lead screw.

      You should find that the hole enables the lead screw to grab better as it does not have to do as much work.

      This works for me in very hard woods.

      Regards from Perth

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        Re: Using a brace with a large bit...

        pressure helps. but using an auger with the correct feed screw helps too! and of course it has to be sharp!
        The world of Auger bits ain't as simple as one would think

        My fav is an extension for the "expandabile bit" that was commercially made that would supposedly cut a 5" dia hole. Tried it once-a hopeless task



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          Re: Using a brace with a large bit...

          If the top end of the brace is not held on a steady center the bit will wobble enough to destroy the traction between wood and bit screw,


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            Re: Using a brace with a large bit...

            The Geometry of the cutting edges where they meet the feed screw is absolutely critical and most guys who buy a file to sharpen their augers ruin the geometry and it will not work once it's messed up and it isn't too hard to mess it up but's it's tough to fix it. Sometimes you have to file new twists onto the feed screw where it meets the cutters in order to correct the geometry.
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