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    Hey all; I went to Lee Valley yesterday with gift certificates in hand and spent most of it on the pair of gent's saws:
    and the reproduction cast scratch stock:

    I had the rip tooth gent's saw on my wish list for quite some time and decided (convinced myself) that I needed the cross-cut saw too because.... well I don't really have an excuse. (I am a tool junkie and don't want the cure) They are very comfortable saws to hold and use and a bit better balanced than my brass-backed Crown with a finer kerf as a bonus. Another bonus is that they complete my set of Bubinga handled Veritas saws; a wood that I understand Lee Valley is going to phase out. My tool collection now sports all 9 of the moulded spine saws that Veritas makes (can you guess that I am a fan of the type?)

    The little scratch stock is intended to augment my Veritas beading tool for smaller scale projects such as boxes. I haven't tried it out yet but it promises to be much easier to use on smallish articles with its light weight and compact dimensions. It is a beautifully made tool IMO.

    While we were at it, LV went above and beyond again and replaced a faulty Ramelson palm-handled carving tool that literally crumbled in my hand. Even though I have owned it for quite a time and asked to buy the replacement, they said no; such a failure was clearly a manufacturing fault and just replaced it with a new one. Great service yet again; LV is my favourite tool store!

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