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Mobile/modular tool box? What do you use?

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  • Mobile/modular tool box? What do you use?

    I was thinking about a mobile modular toolbox. Home Depot had the Milwaulkee Packout marked down from $298 to $228. Ive been considering if for a while and I almost pulled the trigger. I would have went with it but I dont like how Id have to disassemble it to access the lower boxes each time I needed into it.

    So whats out there that will allow you to access all the boxes without having to disassemble the stack?
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    I want something that I can take in my truck and work in the shop as well. I have a couple Milwaulkee Packout boxes and they are durable enough, just dont like the stack system.

    My usual truck toolboxes are the Fatmax waterproof ones. I bet theyd survive a nuclear war! SUPER TOUGH. Heavy though.

    What about this one from Dewalt/Stanley? Gives me the access I want without disassembly. Problem is limited modularity.
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    Re: Mobile/modular tool box? What do you use?

    I have the Stanley, and I would NOT buy it again, few reasons;
    1. too tall for back of truck (bed cover rests on box so anything in back with it is somewhat exposed to elements)
    2. if tipped over the contents (I keep fasteners in 2nd tier) go all over the place &/or mix up
    3. in order to get @ middle/bottom you need to move/open the whole thing... which means you have to have 3x the space (front or back) it normally takes up.

    I also have 2 large Stanley "chests" which are just large open boxes you can store everything in. They are handy for storage big/bulky items, but once full good luck trying to lift into back of truck (trailer with ramp would be easy tho. I now use the huge one for wifes horse saddle & few accessories, the smaller one for electrical stuff (spare romex, switches, plugs, staples, etc) it also has a small tray that fits above everything and rests on the handle once extended.

    I saw the same Milwaukee deal you posted the other day, and almost jumped on it (instead got a new Bosch js470eb jigsaw $100 off reg price)

    I already have the roller/bottom box of the Ridgid version, and would like to add to it. So the Milkwaukee set looked good, but I couldn't justify it right now.

    I like the versatility of them, and am ok with having to remove tiers to get at the one(s) you want. I suspect it will be no less convenient than the Stanley box ( need to undo latch up front to slide open)
    If it's still for sale if/when I go back in the future I may pick it up, otherwise I always check Ridgid boxes are on sale that would fit my roller box (apparently never when I'm there!).

    If I get anything else I will want the following (for my personal leads);
    easy to lift into truck (be in truck bed, squat/reach down to handle @ gate height and lift up & in)
    relatively water tight (left out in rain opposed to being submerged)

    I'm sure other things too, but I can't think of them right now.

    I'm just hobbyist, that likes to help out friends/family, so as much as I would love to get the best, even the $130 Husky version has appeal... though I'm not sure if it's AS modular, or if the bottom has a cover (or if 2nd tray acts as cover for it)
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      Re: Mobile/modular tool box? What do you use?

      Thanks Tom.

      Good point re: weight. I bet each of my 2 Fatmax boxes are 50lbs. Then there is probably 25lbs in fasterners between my 2 Stanley deep screw organisers. Getting up there in weight to huff into the bed of the truck as one unit. Something to think about.

      One thing Ill say about the Fatmax boxes im using, they are watertight. So they got that going for them. The Dewalt I linked above is different construction than the fatmax ones. Theyre missing the waterproof seal for one. Also look like they are thin plastic as opposed to the heavy moulded "foam" plastic in the Fatmax.

      Dewalts got the Toughsystem too. BusyBee had them on a bit of a sale, but the cost puts it out of where I want to be. Look durable (same material as the Fatmax) and waterproof but still require disassembly to access though.
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        Re: Mobile/modular tool box? What do you use?

        How about Tanos Systainers? You can access any systainer when they are stacked...

        I'm not a pro going to all kinds of jobs, so I probably don't need as much as you guys, but a storage box latched to a sortainer, carries what I need hardware and handtool wise...

        Maybe the MW1000 would be the trick for you? That looks pretty sweet... Basic or delux workbench option too,,,

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          Re: Mobile/modular tool box? What do you use?

          I considered Systainers but didnt go with them for a couple reasons.
          1. Cost. Way too much money for what they are IMHO.
          2. AFAIK there is no real option to be able to open all boxes without some disassembly. I get there is a pull out shelf option for the MW1000, but its $100+ just for the shelf! And at most you could only get 1 or 2 shelfs on the MW1000
          3. I dont like the ABS plastic of the Systainers.
          4. Cost.. Again

          It is a pretty sweet setup as a mobile shop, Ill give it that.

          Even at $2-300 Im not sure if its something Ill do. The current Milwaulkee sale brought it to my mind..


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            Re: Mobile/modular tool box? What do you use?

            I've got Systainers and Stanley rolling boxes and a simple cart that converts to a hand truck too but one of the things I use a lot of the time for tools and materials is a big blue recycle bin on wheels. Just like the one you roll to the curb. LOL
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              Re: Mobile/modular tool box? What do you use?

              Yeah. systainers aren't cheap... I thought though, maybe if you were good at $300 for a milwaukee, whats another $350? But cost aside, if they aren't right, they aren't right!

              FWIW... With T-loc systainers you can open the bottom one with the top still attached or with sortainers they are drawers...

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                Re: Mobile/modular tool box? What do you use?

                Just a warning, you can't really knock a Systainer around like the other storage systems. They are loaded with features and look clean, professional, but they aren't going to survive the same abuse the more 'construction' oriented boxes are. I would take systainers for internal work, like trim, stairs, flooring ... I wouldn't take them for framing, roofing, etc ...